Lockheed Martin Files Patent For Synthetic Diamond 3D Printer

According to a recent article from 3D Printing Industry, Lockheed Martin has just filed a patent for a synthetic diamond 3D printer. And predictably, social media’s imagination has run wild…


One precious moo… Imagine creating anything you want as a 3D printed synthetic diamond.

In all seriousness, though, this has some potentially very interesting applications for both industry as well as jewellery design.

See the full article here:

3D Printing Industry – Lockheed Martin Patents Synthetic Diamond 3D Printer

MIT’s DuoSkin – Conductive Smart Tattoos Which Connect With Your Mobile Phone

The MIT Media Lab has recently developed metallic temporary tattoos which can communicate with other electronic devices such as sending signals to your mobile phone.

They call it DuoSkin. It already has some technology experts quite excited at the possibilities of using your own skin as a track pad for mobile applications or a remote sensor (for unlocking doors).

The Phantom Limb Project’s Amazing Collaboration Between Prosthetics and Video Game Design

In one of my previous articles on prosthetic limbs and their potential for creative expression, I mentioned the James Dyson Award-winning affordable prosthetic hand design of Open Bionics.

Since then, Open Bionics has done something amazing — they have established a collaboration with Konami (makers of Metal Gear Solid) to develop creative prosthetic limb design. They call it the Phantom Limb Project.

The Phantom Limb Project (image courtesy the Alternative Limb Project)

The Phantom Limb Project (image courtesy the Alternative Limb Project)

This partnership echoes Ove Arup’s famous vision of designers and engineers working closely together in all endeavours, and is a perfect example of what I am confident we will see as commonplace in the future of prosthetic limb design.

The Phantom Limb Project

i.materialise Article – Top 10 CAD Sculpting Programs for 3D Printing

i.materialise‘s 3D printing blog has released a nice article listing 10 popular choices using sculptural CAD for the purposes of 3D printing and product design.

While many of the choices are primarily from digital effects programs, they can all be used with some adjustments to your workflow, and with the right tolerances jewellery design will work just fine.

They’ve left off quite a bit of jewellery specific sculpting programs, however. ArtCAM Jewelsmith features 2.5D relief sculpting, while 3Design’s Shaper, and the T-Splines and Clayoo Rhino plug-ins all offer organic modelling to more traditional types of product design CAD, but this is still a helpful list.

Serpents Buckle model made with Sculptris. Designed by Michael Mueller.

Serpents Buckle model made with Sculptris. Designed by Michael Mueller.

i.materialise blog article – Top 10 3D Sculpting Programs for 3D Printing

Swarovski Enters Smart Jewellery Market with Shine Activity Crystal

Smart jewellery manufacturer Misfit has partnered up with Swarovski to develop a smart bracelet and pendant which combines activity tracking with a rather nice sparkling clock face function. It makes for both a very elegant and very functional piece of wearable technology.

The crystal itself is interchangeable between two different styles of bracelet and one style of pendant.

Swarovski Shine comes in two styles of bracelet and one style of pendant.

Swarovski Shine Activity Crystal and the various styles of housing available

Urban Wearables Article – Swarovski Shine is Surely Now the World’s Smartest Crystal

Professional Jeweller Article – How Tech is Redefining Manufacturing, and the Goldsmiths Centre Technology Day

Professional Jeweller has published an article about CAD/CAM and its effect on jewellery manufacturing. While it’s mostly an advertorial, it does discuss the Technology Day at the Goldsmiths Centre happening today and tomorrow (13-14 June). It’s the third such technology day organised by GVUK Design. (GVUK Design are the European resellers of Stuller Matrix).

If you’re looking for something fun to do today and tomorrow, register and come along to the event.

EnvisionTec Perfactory SLA 3D printing machine

Professional Jeweller Article – How Tech is Redefining Manufacturing


How 3D Diamond Scanners Work

Over the years, we’ve spent a lot of time here talking about 3D CAD as it applies to precious metal working. We’ve also talked about the rapid advances of 3D scanning and how it gets more valuable to CAD jewellers every year.

But how does 3D scanning apply to gemstones?

3D Scan of a Diamond using OGI Systems Scanox Tender (image courtesy Liebish and Co.)

3D Scan of a Diamond using OGI Systems Scanox Tender mini (image courtesy Leibish and Co.)

The world of 3D diamond scanning and mapping is a parallel road of development in 3D scanning technology, but with its unique combination of specialised scanning setup and pattern recognition software, it’s as fascinating to see in action as any kind of 3D scanner on the market. (Video after the break.)

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