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Rhino For Jewellery Design and Rapid Prototyping

Rhino 3D CAD for Jewellery Design

Originally developed as a response to AutoCAD’s limitations with smooth 3D modelling, Rhino 3D is a general product design CAD tool which has been adopted by many different design specialities such as furniture, footwear, and jewellery. Its product design roots give it a great deal of flexibility, and also make it ideal for designing complex assemblies.

While Rhino is all that is needed to design models for rapid prototyping, each design speciality has added extensions (or plug-ins) for Rhino to make their jobs easier. Some examples include rendering tools (such as V-Ray or Maxwell), additional methods of working (T-Splines), and Jewellery plug-ins (such as RhinoGold or RhinoJewel). For Holts Academy of Jewellery’s Rhino for Jewellery Design course, we teach students as if they only have Rhino without any plug-ins.

Holts Academy offers private tuition courses in Rhino for beginner and intermediate users, specifically focused on Jewellery Design. They also offer a separate dedicated short courses for both T-Splines, and V-Ray for Jewellery Rendering.

Selected Tutorial Videos – Rhino for Jewellery

Tutorial Videos of My Creation

Tutorial Videos From Other Users

To Learn More About Jewellery CAD/CAM

If any of these tutorials whets your appetite for learning more about how to use Rhino for your CAD jewellery design and manufacturing, take a look at the CAD courses or one-to-one bespoke training offered at Holts Academy of Jewellery.


  1. Hello..

    This is Papia Goswami,a manual jewelery designer with a 8 years experence of Indian and contemporary jewelry market. Just have started learning Rhino,would like to know and practice more on this to have a better skillset.

    Would be greatfull to have some classes and technique tips and proffessional guidence on that.

    Reply would be much appreciated..

    Papia Goswami

    • CADJewellerySkills

      Hello Papia:

      If you’d like to know more about taking classes, check out the links on the right of this page for Holts Academy and Bespoke Training.

      You can contact me directly for courses through Holts Academy’s website and phone number.

      I am in London, so you know, but if you are coming through this way I can offer suggestions as to where to stay.

      Best Regards,


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