From the Other Side of the Pond – Good Business Lessons From American Jewellers To British Jewellery Businesses (Updated)

In the field of jewellery design and manufacturing, there are a few American transplants over here to Europe (Elizabeth Gage and Jack Rosenthal of JAR). While I wouldn’t be so audacious as to compare myself to their talents, I too am an American transplant to the Europe, the UK in particular. Given my experience with both the American and British jewellery markets, I reckon this gives me some perspective to allow me to talk about some key differences in the American and British jewellery industries.

Since this blog focuses on jewellery manufacturing technology (in particular, technologies related to CAD/CAM), and I would hardly claim any economic expertise, I’ll direct my focus primarily onto the business of jewellery design and manufacturing. It’s all too easy to say that there are differences in the tastes of the consumers in each country, but the really interesting question here is how are businesses affected by consumer tastes and the economic climates in which they operate?

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Sharing Between CAD Programs – The Trouble With Importing and Exporting Models

I wanted to take a moment to talk about sharing.


…No, I don’t mean “free love”. I’m talking about the ability of different software packages to pass models and files between each other, more commonly referred to importing and exporting files. The problem is, as all of you who have worked with multiple different CAD software packages before, it is not always that easy.

It really boils down to a question of: why does there need to be so many different proprietary file formats?

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Finger Painting Jewellery (or How to Design a Jewellery CAD Model on a Touch Screen)

While in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across this.

In case you’re wondering, the above software is Firestorm CAD, a new piece of jewellery design software based upon Spaceclaim‘s CAD architecture. Note that Firestorm was designed to work with a mouse and keyboard interface, so this multitouch interface could theoretically be used on any CAD software, with some adjustments.

My thoughts on the above after the break.

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