Jewellery As it Appears in Poetry and Literature (Updated)

"Ring" poem by Carol Ann Duffy (print by Stephen Raw)

“Rings” poem by Carol Ann Duffy (print by Stephen Raw)

Given the fact that jewellery has such strong emotional connotations (especially the wedding ring), it should come as no surprise that it features a special place in the symbolism of poetry and literature, representing many things from an eternal and unbreakable institution of power to the seductive and addictive nature of said power.

A colleague has written a beautiful series of articles about jewellery symbolism in history, poetry and literature. Well worth a read.

Update: The website keeps a list of all poems featuring the word jewellery (and a separate list for the American spelling jewelry). Also, I’ve now added this entry to the Something Beautiful in Jewellery feature section of the blog.

The poem above is a piece written by Carol Ann Duffy about wedding rings. She also wrote a feature for the Guardian about poems for weddings.

I’ve copied the entire poem beyond the break.

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Model Making Methodology for Jewellery

JETT Research Jewellery Technology has produced a very impressive research paper exploring the various advantages and disadvantages to every option and combination of jewellery model making techniques, whether CAD/CAM or not.

Makes for some interesting food for thought, especially for the next time you decide to tackle a very large project.

More about the JETT Research jewellery technology company in Tennessee.

Frequently Asked Questions Part 3 – Resources for New Jewellers (Updated)

(This continues my series of Frequently Asked Questions. See the rest of the FAQ pages.)

Trade and Technology Resources for New Jewellers

(Updated 27 June 2018)

Since 2011, I’ve been delivering a new technologies lecture for new diploma students at the BAJ to encourage and empower students to find out for themselves more about what is happening in the jewellery industry in terms of both trends and new technologies. In a later section of the lecture, we all share knowledge on places you can go to get this information.

The list you see below is a compendium of the shared information from each of these previous cohorts of students. The result is an excellent starter list of resources every aspiring jewellery student should know about.

Of course, don’t take my word for these– have a look at these yourself and decide which ones are most useful for you.

I’ve divided categories into types of media…
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Frequently Asked Questions Part 1 – Comparisons Of Jewellery CAD Software on the Market (Updated)

Comparison of CAD and Design Software Used for Jewellery, sample image from 3D CAD

Information and Jewellery CAD comparisons last updated and verified June 2017

(This marks the first of a series of Frequently Asked Questions posts. See the rest of the FAQ pages.)

Over the years, the students in my jewellery CAD courses as well as my private clients have asked me a lot of questions about CAD as it relates to jewellery manufacturing. Many of these questions were often the same. As I thought it better to tailor my answer to each student’s needs, I resisted writing a single standard answer for quite a long time. Then it occurred to me that I could probably answer at least some of the questions all at once, and just fill in the gaps if people wanted to know more.

This is how my series of Frequently Asked Questions began.

On this and subsequent articles in my FAQ series, I will break down the most commonly asked questions from my own particular fields of expertise. If anyone has any more specific questions or is not clear about something mentioned here, just leave a comment below and I’ll add an answer to the entry.

For part 1, we’ll start off with the most common question of them all: “Which jewellery CAD software should I learn?”

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