Upcoming Intermediate Matrix CAD Intensive Short Course at the British Academy of Jewellery

Intermediate Matrix CAD Intensive Short Course (formerly Level 4 CAD Award)

Made during the Intermediate Matrix CAD Intensive Short course (formerly known as Level 4 CAD Award) by Zoe Harding

We’re just now finalising an new selection of CAD and Design short courses at the BAJ for this summer. But the first of the set I’m happy to announce now.

From 4 June to 31 July on Mondays and Tuesdays, we will be running a 14 day Intermediate Gemvision Matrix CAD Intensive short course (previously called the level 4 CAD Award).

Visit the British Academy of Jewellery website for more details on this and the other upcoming courses!

Our Best Jewellery Books List Has Just Been Expanded

reading is fundamental to your intellectual life (image courtesy Allposters.com)

Our Best Jewellery Books purchasing guide has been just greatly expanded with dozens of new recommendations for nearly every category. We’ve even had to add three more categories. Have a look.

Thank you to the brilliant teaching staff at the British Academy of Jewellery for dozens of recommendations on jewellery books for practical, theoretical, and inspirational use.

3DPrint.com’s upcoming Design for 3D Printing Online Course Series

I don’t normally recommend online courses, but seeing as what they’re teaching isn’t really being taught anywhere else at the moment at this general basic level, it’s worth sharing.

3Dprint.com is running a series of Beginner Design for 3D Printing and Advanced Design for 3D Printing online courses. These are courses designed for providing individuals with essential knowledge of preparing CAD models for 3D printing, and basic tolerances and design principles for building objects for 3D printing in plastic and other materials. Considering this information is always useful for CAD designers and only taught in a few places (besides my own courses), I reckon it’s worthwhile. We’ve missed the early bird registration, but there is still time to enrol for the summer courses starting on 20 June.

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Upcoming Jewellery CAD Short Courses at the British Academy of Jewellery

We have an exciting summer season of jewellery CAD short courses planned at the British Academy of Jewellery in London starting 12 June. If you’ve been reading about the CAD training here but have been curious about taking one of the CAD courses I’ve developed, now is your chance.

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Professional Jeweller Article – How Tech is Redefining Manufacturing, and the Goldsmiths Centre Technology Day

Professional Jeweller has published an article about CAD/CAM and its effect on jewellery manufacturing. While it’s mostly an advertorial, it does discuss the Technology Day at the Goldsmiths Centre happening today and tomorrow (13-14 June). It’s the third such technology day organised by GVUK Design. (GVUK Design are the European resellers of Stuller Matrix).

If you’re looking for something fun to do today and tomorrow, register and come along to the event.

EnvisionTec Perfactory SLA 3D printing machine

Professional Jeweller Article – How Tech is Redefining Manufacturing