Introducing the 3D PMP Design Challenge – A 3D Printing Jewellery CAD Design Contest For Precious Metal Prototyping

A new contest has recently been announced by Gemvision in cooperation with Cooksongold and A3DM Technologies called the 3D PMP (Precious Metal Printing) Design Challenge. They’re requesting entries from CAD jewellery designers around the world to see who can produce the the best suited jewellery components for their EOS precious metal sintering machine.

3D PMP Design Challenge - Cooksongold Metal Laser Sintering EOS jewellery samples

It’s not every day that you get a chance to design parts for experimentation on a 3D metal sintering printer, so it’s quite an exciting opportunity. Also, for a contest that’s the first of it’s kind, the prizes are quite impressive. See for yourself on the 3D PMP web page!

The deadline is Friday 9th of May, so if you’re interested start designing right away!

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  1. can you give more info on metal sintering process for us to know limits of capability/doability of the technology vis-a-vis design and materials? we have locally available 3D printer using plastics for product material.

    • CADJewellerySkills

      Hi Edgardo:

      The website for the 3D PMP competition has the tolerance information for the 3D printer. The best thing to do if you want to know more about the metal sintering machine’s capabilities, talk to either Cooksongold or A3DM about the MLS printer.

      To help for now though, I’ll tell you what little I can as a start: basically metal sintered parts end up hyper-dense, so that they don’t bend the same way cast or forged metal would. Indeed, the metal is going to be a lot harder, and therefore a lot more prone to cracking rather than bending. But the tradeoff is that we can make shapes somewhat thinner than we could using other types of 3D printing, because we’re no longer at the mercy of the lost wax casting process.

      Therefore, design your piece as if the tolerances were for a hand fabricated piece that was not designed to bend at all, and you’ve got a reasonable start. For more than that, talk to the sponsor companies.

      I hope that helps.



  2. Seems like it would be a fun competition! Too bad people who don\’t use Matrix are not eligible to enter. I have a hollow bracelet with intricate heads and a hinge that would be perfect for this sort of trial.

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