Jewellery CAD Software – T-Splines for Jewellery

T-Splines for Jewellery (Using Rhino or Matrix)

T-Splines for Rhino and Matrix

While not a separate piece of 3D CAD software in itself, T-Splines is a useful plug-in which adds subdivision surface modelling tools and organic sculpting techniques to Rhino and Matrix.

Subdivision surfaces are based upon an entirely different type of geometry from NURBS surface modelling, and is designed to allow you to push, pull, distort, blend and otherwise combine objects in organic ways which would otherwise be much more difficult using NURBS tools.

Applied to jewellery, T-Splines has real potential to give a nice half-way point between fully fledged sculpting tools like Z-Brush and more architectural CAD tools like Rhino, granting some flexibility with surface working and sculpture while still allowing you to use many of the same NURBS based jewellery-specific tools such as those found in Matrix or RhinoGold.

If you like the precision of NURBS CAD, but would also like some additional flexibility in creating and sculpting organic shapes, then T-Splines might be worth exploring.

The British Academy of Jewellery offers one to one masterclasses in T-Splines for Jewellery using either Rhino or Matrix.

Selected Tutorial Videos – T-Splines for Jewellery

Tutorial Videos of My Creation

Tutorial Videos From Other Users

T-Splines has created a nice 5 step learning program for learning the plug-in, including tutorial videos.

To Learn More About Jewellery CAD CAM

If any of these tutorials whets your appetite for learning more about how to use T-Splines for jewellery CAD design and manufacturing, take a look at the CAD course or one-to-one bespoke training offered at British Academy of Jewellery.

3 thoughts on “Jewellery CAD Software – T-Splines for Jewellery

  • 23 July, 2014 at 11:14 am

    I’m a rhinoceros, rhinogold, matrix user
    spanish jeweller creator
    there are some pdf tutorials please?
    thank you very much


    • 23 July, 2014 at 1:06 pm

      Dear Pichi:

      I’m afraid there are not any .PDF tutorials on this site at the present time. The video tutorials are one thing we do have here to make up for that. Failing that, there is courses and private instruction.

      Were you looking for anything in particular?



      • 23 July, 2014 at 4:35 pm

        hello Jack
        thank you very much for the quick answer.
        maybe next winter I’ll be interestged on a matrix or T-splines course on line.
        thank you very much


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