Live CAD Design and Jewellery Manufacturing Competition – Bench Pressure Challenge at the Smart Jewelry Show in Chicago

My friend and colleague Lee Krombholz from Krombholz Jewelers is going to be competing in this year’s All-Round Bench Pressure Challenge at the Smart Jewelry Show in Chicago. Go get em, Lee!


Haven’t heard of the competition? It’s a really interesting idea.

The Bench Pressure Challenge is an exciting annual series of competitions which pairs the bravest of bench jewellers and CAD designers against each other to complete on a live project for prizes and boasting rights. It’s hosted by the Smart Jewelry Show, an American jewelry trade show hosted in two locations: Chicago, IL in April, and Gaylord, TX in August.  <Update: The Smart Jewellery Show is only running Chicago for 2014 onwards unless otherwise announced.>

Each show has its own Bench Pressure Challenge, and there are two sections. The “All Round” section, and the “CAD” section. Each is given a live brief (usually in the form of a video of a client discussing what they want), and then each contestant is given a time limit in which to deliver. Winner takes all!

As we’ve discussed here before, their CAD section is actually quite exciting to watch and participate in. It’s amazing what these guys can do in such a short allotted amount of time. If you’re interested yourself in joining the fun, sign up for next year’s challenge.

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  1. Just want to make a correction to your post. There will be no SMART Jewelry Show in Dallas this year. The next show will be held on The Chicago Navy Pier. The dates are April 18-20, 2015. The CAD Challenge will be held on Saturday, April 18. The All-Round Bench Challenge will be on the following Sunday. Monday will be a hands-on test drive opportunity for equipment and tools. Please join us!

    The CAD and Bench Challenge application for the 2015 show will be up on the website soon. Everyone loves to watch these Rock Star Jewelers compete. If you are a Rock Star Jeweler please send in an application when it becomes available.

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