Mejuri Jewellery Design Contests, Canada’s Answer to Gem Prive, and Social Media in Fashion Design

It seems Gem Prive isn’t alone in the world any more for putting out an open call to jewellery designers to submit their designs for a contest. Introducing Mejuri, a new Canada-based jewellery design contest which works in a similar way to Gem Prive— designers submit their designs in one of their open calls, and visitors and shoppers vote on the best. The winner will have their pieces manufactured and sold be Mejuri!

Mejuri jewellery design contest - how it works

As I’m very much in favour of anything which gives new and upcoming designers a new and interesting possible entry point into market, I’d definitely recommend giving Mejuri a look.

(Special thanks to Toronto Beauty Reviews for passing this link on.)

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  1. I am pretty much bewildered why people (architects, designers, graphics designers and what not) are willing to work for free on the hope they *might* win something.

    You want my skill, you want my time ? Pay me !

    I consider this bad habits. On both sides.

    • CADJewellerySkills

      Hi Ted.

      It’s a fair point. But pro bono work has quite a long history before design competitions.

      I agree that too much pro bono work is very bad for you as it devalues your product. But when there is no other way of getting wider exposure or getting a newcomer’s work out there into the market, it seems to me some amount of it as a student becomes a necessary evil.


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