Using T-Splines for Organic Jewellery Modelling – One User’s Experience

A nice little video from a likeable (and very talented) evangelist for T-Splines and Rhino for jewellery, as well as Matrix:

I have to say, one nice side effect of all the intensive sales campaigns from Matrix is that you end up with a lot of incredibly enthusiastic people pouring all their energy into some truly remarkable jewellery creations, both physical and in CAD.

The Right Way to Use Photoshop and Illustrator For Jewellery Design and Rendering

A commercial illustrator named Richard Wilkinson has found a way to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to stunning effect for jewellery illustration and digital painting. Each example makes for a marvellous example of how to create and present jewellery as a 2D digital painting.

Photoshop and Illustrator Jewellery Illustrations

Richard Wilkinson’s Rock Stars Jewellery Series

Daily Telegraph Fashion Article – Rock stars: the world’s most famous jewellers reveal their favourite pieces

Wearable Art, Studio Jewellery, and Their Relationship to CAD

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For those who have never heard the term Wearable Art (also variably known as Contemporary Jewellery, Art Jewellery, or Studio Jewellery) before, I offer a short history lesson, and discuss the effects of CAD and 3D printing have had on this area of craft:

Origins of Contemporary Jewellery

After World War II ended, thousands of soldiers were coming back home to the US, UK, and other countries in Western Europe, only to find that their job prospects were uncertain. Several countries such as the US and Britain decided to offer vocational training en masse to these veterans in an effort to help these military personnel retread their skills for better adaptation to civilian life. From these initiatives in the 1940’s came the first ever trade schools and community colleges. While it is not the first time government money was used to encourage industry through vocational education (such government initiatives funded the Bauhaus school in the 20’s), it was particularly interesting to see how much money America was spending on this kind of education at this time.

Britain, meanwhile, was in the throes of rebuilding its own infrastructure after sustaining heavy damage to its infrastructure during the second world war. This was the golden age of social support structures when the NHS was created, the social benefits schemes we still see today first appeared, and massive amounts of money were poured into infrastructure and education. As the old apprenticeship systems could not cope on their own with the numbers of people who needed training (between the returning soldiers and large numbers of women who had already entered the workforce in the absence of men), a substantial amount of government money went to the new crop of vocational education schools. Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions Part 3 – Resources for New Jewellers (Updated)

(This continues my series of Frequently Asked Questions. See the rest of the FAQ pages.)

Resources for New Jewellers

(Updated 8 May 2018)

Since I have become more involved in training newcomers to the jewellery industry, one lecture which I am now frequently asked to give discusses places to gather new information about what is happening within the jewellery industry, as well as starting points for keeping abreast of new technological developments.

So, with the help of colleagues and students, I have come up with a starter list of resources every aspiring jewellery student should know about. Of course, don’t take my word for these– have a look at these yourself and decide which ones are most useful for you.

I’ve divided categories into types of media…
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Frequently Asked Questions Part 2 – Getting Started in Jewellery Design

(Updated 14 June 2016)

(This continues my series of Frequently Asked Questions. See the rest of the FAQ pages.)Frequently Asked Questions Part 2 – Getting Started in Jewellery Design

For part 2 of the FAQ series, I’m going to address another question I get asked quite often—How does one get into the jewellery business (either hand-made or jewellery CAD)?

When I first wrote this article back in 2012, the best advice out there to be found would have come from asking as many different jewellers as possible. However, since then, there have been more and more initiatives and support sites put in place to help new jewellers. I’ve updated this original article to include some of those great resources.

For this article, I’ve gathered good advice given to me both as I was building my career as well as advice my other fellow tutors have given to students, and included some pointers of my own. For the sake of efficiency, I have sorted the suggestions into a list of Do’s and Don’ts. Also, I’ve included advice for both those who are coming out of school for a new career as well as those who are already working in a different field and who which to change their career.

Advice for Getting into Jewellery

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