Something Beautiful in Fashion Jewellery – ELIXIR by Kali Ratcliffe

For this month’s Something Beautiful in Jewellery, I present a jeweller and fashion accessory designer Kali Ratcliffe, and her new brand ELIXIR.

Embossed leather hat, made with Rhino and a CNC milled mould

Kali is a graduate of the Royal College of Art who has studied under several jewellery and silversmithing masters before collaborating with a few London-based fashion labels. What makes her work so interesting is the diversity of approaches she’s willing to take to make the piece she wants, combining resourceful application of Rhino and Zbrush with laser engraving and control over metal and leather to make quite diverse (yet cohesive) forms.

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Guardian Article – 30 Things Being 3D Printed Right Now

It’s an old article, but it’s still fun to see what’s out there.

The Guardian’s technology section has assembled a pretty respectable list showcasing the weird and wonderful variety of things currently being manufactured using 3D printing. The list items vary from inane to brilliant, and it’s worth a read. In particular, the article’s choices of 3D printed jewellery services are quite interesting– it’s not every day a jewellery company brags to their customers about making their jewellery primarily using 3D printing.

Guardian Technology Article - 30 Things Being 3D Printed

Poor Keanu. He’s been 3D printed in full colour plaster.

The Guardian – 30 Things Being 3D Printed Right Now (None of Which are Guns)