Something Beautiful in Jewellery and Crafts – Hybrid Craft Gallery at SIGGRAPH 2015

For today’s Something Beautiful in Jewellery and Crafts, I present a fantastic exhibition featured at this year’s SIGGRAPH 2015 conference in Los Angeles.

The gallery (entitled “Hybrid Craft”) featured the fifteen works from skilled makers who use computational design tools in their craft, integrating advanced technologies with traditional making processes. Subjects covered many areas of craftsmanship including jewellery design, objet d’art, cutlery, silversmithing, and musical instrument design among others.

As an added bonus, the CG Society did a nice interview with curator Amit Zoran.

Hybrid Craft Art Gallery at Siggraph 2015 Los Angeles


I guess this means I ought to start going to SIGGRAPH again…

Hybrid Craft Art Gallery at Siggraph 2015

Shining3D’s New 3D Printed Fashion Contest

Hangzhou based company Shining3D has launched a fashion design contest where people are asked to create catwalk pieces using 3D printing. It would seem news of this was first announced at TCT Asia. Designers work will be shown on the catwalk at the 2nd International 3D Printing Fashion Show at the 2015 Third World 3D Printing and Technology Industry Conference & Expo taking place 3-6 June in Chengdu, China.

Unfortunately, it seems this news has travelled rather slowly to the west, as there are only 15 days left to create something for the competition. That being said, it still might be worth looking into.

One of the judges for the competition is Shanghai-based company Xuberance, makers of this amazing 3D printed wedding dress:

The winner will be announced before the start of the Expo on May 25th and the design will be printed off at the 2015 Shining 3D Fashion Show as part of the Third World 3D Printing Technology Industry Conference. There is an impressive prize pool worth more than $5,000 along with six Einscan-S desktop 3D scanners and 3D printers.

To find out more about the 3D Fashion Contest, you can go directly to their website here:

Shining 3D Fashion Contest