Face By Holition – Next Generation Face Tracking Augmented Reality For Cosmetics

face by holition - augmented reality cosmetics app
From the clever people (and old colleagues of mine) at Holition comes another wonderful innovation in augmented reality.

Introducing Face by Holition, an app which uses next generation face tracking technology to create an augmented reality cosmetics test counter. They are billing it as an augmented reality cosmetics app.

The technology behind this is as powerful as the interface is elegant. See for yourself (video after the cut): Continue reading

Replacing the Keyboard and Mouse

Today we’re talking about the keyboard and mouse. Or rather, the extinction of the keyboard and mouse.

Even when SRI International first invented the first computer mouse in the early 1960’s, they knew there would be a very long way to go with computer interfaces before we were satisfied with our ability to connect with them.

Since then, many attempts have been made to revolutionise the way we interface with computers. Examples include Virtual Reality, game pad controllers, Wii wands, or combinations thereof. Each has had varying levels of success.


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Connecting Real Objects to Computer Worlds (Updated)

One very active area for technological innovation right now seems to be finding increasingly fast and easy interfaces for machines. Company after company seems to be working to bring to market the quickest and most natural ways possible to simplify everyday transactions and interactions using a combination of computers and technologically enhanced objects. Continue reading

How Virtual Product Design Will Affect Online Retail

I recently stumbled upon an article from Adobe’s Think Tank about the importance of virtual stock, and how it will affect both retail and manufacturing. Although it is an old posting, it’s worth repeating here:

image courtesy Adobe.com

Creative Gesture of Vapid Prototyping? The Importance of Fictional Products.

3 Ways Augmented Reality Is Already Being Used in Jewellery and Accessories Retail

In case you didn’t notice, the Microsoft X-Box Kinect has been launched today.

I’ve been following AR (Augmented Reality) technology for a while, even before it had been given the name Augmented Reality. It has roots going back to the Virtual Reality craze in the mid 90’s, and has been in development in its own right since the early noughties. Market-ready applications have only really started appearing last year, and adoption has started this year.

The following 3 examples not only show the potential for Augmented Reality, but also how companies are already using it for practical retail or entertainment uses.

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