Professional Jeweller Article – How Tech is Redefining Manufacturing, and the Goldsmiths Centre Technology Day

Professional Jeweller has published an article about CAD/CAM and its effect on jewellery manufacturing. While it’s mostly an advertorial, it does discuss the Technology Day at the Goldsmiths Centre happening today and tomorrow (13-14 June). It’s the third such technology day organised by GVUK Design. (GVUK Design are the European resellers of Stuller Matrix).

If you’re looking for something fun to do today and tomorrow, register and come along to the event.

EnvisionTec Perfactory SLA 3D printing machine

Professional Jeweller Article – How Tech is Redefining Manufacturing


Avi Reichental’s TED Talk About the Future of 3D Printing

This fantastic lecture comes courtesy of a former student and author of the blog. (Thank you, Anissa!)

President and CEO of 3D Systems Avi Reichental has presented quite an inspiring TED talk entitled “What’s Next in 3D Printing”. After all, who better to comment on what’s coming next in the pipeline of 3D printing technology than the CEO of the company throwing the most money at it?

Interestingly, he gives a shout-out to a few companies we’ve mentioned here, such as Bespoke Innovations.

Jewellery Focus Soapbox Article – Here’s What CAD Has Already Done To the Jewellery Industry

Jewellery Focus Article About Business Opportunities in CAD

Back in March, I wrote a short piece for Jewellery Focus‘ Soapbox column. It was drafted in response to a previous article they had written about how CAD had changed the jewellery industry (which seemed to me to be missing quite a bit of up to date information), but I then expanded the article to talk more about the new business models and creative opportunities I have found in my research over the years.

I’m linking to the article on the blog for those who did not see the issue or do not live in the UK.

Have a look:

Jewellery Focus Article – Here’s What CAD/CAM Has Already Done To the Jewellery Industry

A Replacement For the STL File Format? – 3MF Consortium Introduces a New 3D Printing File Format

3mf consortiumOver the past week a consortium of major players in 3D printing and software development (including Dassault Systèmes S.A.FIT AG/netfabb GmbHMicrosoft CorporationHPShapeways, Inc.SLM Solutions Group AG, and Autodesk Inc.) have announced they have begun work on a new file format for 3D printing, able to be more extensible for future functionality and able to contain more useful information for the increasing flexibility of 3D printing machines. They call it the 3MF file format.

Considering the .STL file format has lasted more than 30 years (since the founding father of 3D printing himself Chuck Hull invented it), it is surprising that it has taken so long to come up with a reasonable alternative. Perhaps this is why it took so many different software and hardware companies working together to improve upon its simple and easily workable architecture.

It will be interesting to see what their results will be, and how soon they will be introduced to industry.

TCT Article – Microsoft, Autodesk, Shapeways, HP and co launch a new file format for 3D Printing

Argos is Producing Custom Jewellery With CAD/CAM???

Argos Customised Jewellery Trial Service

It’s a bit of a wild decision, but I have to give credit to the order-by-catalogue shopping outlet Argos for being brave enough to try something new and on-trend.

Argos is indeed rolling out a trial semi-bespoke design service through the new custom jewellery section on their website. From there, consumers can select accessories from an initial range of 10 items and modify them with a limited set of options.

From the looks of things, it seems like they’ve really thought through their target market carefully with this service. Both the prices and the turnaround for delivery are reasonable, so perhaps they really are onto something here.

See for yourself:

Argos Customised Jewellery Service

New British Pound Coin Design in ArtCAM Pro

The Royal Mint has announced a new design choice for the UK’s Pound coin to enter circulation in 2017. The design is based on the winning design entry from a 15-year-old boy from the midlands in England.

What the article doesn’t say is that the design you see in this image is the work of bas relief modelling in ArtCAM pro. The Royal Mint boast some amazingly skilled users of the software.

New £1 Coin design made in ArtCAM Pro

Read more about the breaking news here:

Independent Article – New £1 Coin – Six Things You Might Not Have Noticed Which Make It Safer

The World Economic Forum’s Top 10 Emergent Technologies for 2015

The World Economic Forum has just published an interesting list of their predictions for the top 10 most prominent emergent technologies for this year.

Of course, 3D printing (AKA additive manufacturing) is on there, but why is quite interesting:

Additive Manufacturing Technology from the World Economic Forum's Top 10 Emergent Technologies for 2015

The World Economic Forum’s Top 10 Emergent Technologies for 2015