E-lancing is Everywhere – How E-lancing and Crowdsourcing Are Changing How Everyone Hires Services, and How Freelance Design Is Affected

In the future, everyone will be a one-man company (or so the Economist predicts).

In the future, everyone will be a one-man company (or so the Economist predicts).

Last week, the Economist published an article about how a whole host of freelance apps and websites have appeared which are each trying to do for their respective fields what Uber and AirBnB have done for taxis and hospitality. It’s an excellent read for discussing the potential advantages as well as the pitfalls of freelancing becoming the new dominant business model. I noticed, however, the article didn’t go into any significant depth on how creative businesses would be affected by this paradigm shift. Since bespoke consumer goods are more in demand than ever, it seems worth considering.

Therefore, based on my own experience running companies as well as working freelance, combined with research into the current state of the market relating to e-lancing websites for creatives, I will offer some thoughts on what will happen to freelance creatives as everyone starts becoming a freelancer, as well as share some of the resources I’ve discovered which are available to freelance craftsmen. Continue reading

Introducing the 3D PMP Design Challenge – A 3D Printing Jewellery CAD Design Contest For Precious Metal Prototyping

A new contest has recently been announced by Gemvision in cooperation with Cooksongold and A3DM Technologies called the 3D PMP (Precious Metal Printing) Design Challenge. They’re requesting entries from CAD jewellery designers around the world to see who can produce the the best suited jewellery components for their EOS precious metal sintering machine.

3D PMP Design Challenge - Cooksongold Metal Laser Sintering EOS jewellery samples

It’s not every day that you get a chance to design parts for experimentation on a 3D metal sintering printer, so it’s quite an exciting opportunity. Also, for a contest that’s the first of it’s kind, the prizes are quite impressive. See for yourself on the 3D PMP web page!

The deadline is Friday 9th of May, so if you’re interested start designing right away!

Live CAD Design and Jewellery Manufacturing Competition – Bench Pressure Challenge at the Smart Jewelry Show in Chicago

My friend and colleague Lee Krombholz from Krombholz Jewelers is going to be competing in this year’s All-Round Bench Pressure Challenge at the Smart Jewelry Show in Chicago. Go get em, Lee!


Haven’t heard of the competition? It’s a really interesting idea.

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