3 Online Jewellery Shops For Jewellery CAD Designer-Makers

It seems many people in the jewellery industry are starting to wise up to the size of the potential market waiting for them online. Combining this with recent advances in the portability of sales tools, virtual catalogues, increasingly flexible 3D printing, and the myriad array of new business models, it seems we are seeing new approaches for reaching customers and delivering product every month.

Just in time for holiday shopping, I’ve gathered here three very different online businesses I haven’t mentioned before but definitely deserve more attention from jewellery CAD designers. The first is primarily for professional CAD modellers (but does offer some services to anyone in the jewellery trade), but the other two are for both CAD modellers and general shoppers:

3 Designer Jewellery Websites for CAD Jewellers

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Gem Prive Sponsors a Competition for Holts Academy

Recently Gem Prive agreed to host a design competition for one of my CAD courses at Holts Academy. They were given four weeks to research and design a gold bracelet for a client based upon some existing coloured stones from the client’s own vault.

See the full story (and all the student’s finished designs) here:

Gem Prive – Student Design Contest With Holts Academy

Gem Prive and Holts Academy Design Contest – Gold Bracelet design by David Baer

Win a 3D Print of Your Piece in the i.Materialise and RhinoGold’s Jewellery 3D Printing Design Challenge


Recently our friends at i.Materialise launched another one of their great design challenges. This one, however, is for jewellery and is sponsored by RhinoGold, so it’s definitely up our alley.

According to them, the winning design (based on submitted renders) will be printed in silver or gold with a finish of your choice!

All entries must be received before 30 September.

See for yourself:

i.Materialise and RhinoGold’s Jewellery 3D Printing Design Challenge

Shining3D’s New 3D Printed Fashion Contest

Hangzhou based company Shining3D has launched a fashion design contest where people are asked to create catwalk pieces using 3D printing. It would seem news of this was first announced at TCT Asia. Designers work will be shown on the catwalk at the 2nd International 3D Printing Fashion Show at the 2015 Third World 3D Printing and Technology Industry Conference & Expo taking place 3-6 June in Chengdu, China.

Unfortunately, it seems this news has travelled rather slowly to the west, as there are only 15 days left to create something for the competition. That being said, it still might be worth looking into.

One of the judges for the competition is Shanghai-based company Xuberance, makers of this amazing 3D printed wedding dress:

The winner will be announced before the start of the Expo on May 25th and the design will be printed off at the 2015 Shining 3D Fashion Show as part of the Third World 3D Printing Technology Industry Conference. There is an impressive prize pool worth more than $5,000 along with six Einscan-S desktop 3D scanners and 3D printers.

To find out more about the 3D Fashion Contest, you can go directly to their website here:

Shining 3D Fashion Contest

Solidscape Jewelry Design Competition 2015 Winners Announced at Baselworld

Just yesterday, during the Baselworld jewellery and watch trade show in Basel Switzerland, Solidscape Inc (a subsidiary of Stratasys) announced the winners for their Rapid Jewellery 3D Printing Design Competition.

There is some nice work here on display, in several categories, including their newly added “fine art” category.

See for yourself:

Solidscape 2015 Jewellery Design Competition Winners

Solidscape Jewelry Design Competition 2015 Winners Announced at Baselworld

If you’d like to know more about this competition, you’d like to see previous years’ winners (going back to its first year in 2013), you can find more details on the Rapid Jewelry 3D Printing Design Competition on the Solidscape website.

Something Beautiful in Jewellery – The Goldsmiths Craft and Design Awards 2014

Goldsmiths Craft and Design CouncilI think I’ll start making these Something Beautiful in Jewellery posts into a regular series. What with all of the incredible technical innovations and the ingenuity of so many designers nowadays, I shouldn’t have too much trouble finding regular posts for this.

For today’s entry, I’m going to admit to a bit of bias on my part – my current and former students have done well this year with the Goldsmiths Craft and Design Council’s annual jewellery design competition, so I’m going to show them off. But I’m also going to say that the level of talent throughout the entire competition was amazing.

So for your inspiration, I present the Goldsmiths Craft and Design Awards 2014! Two images of former students of mine after the break below, and you can find images of other competitors on the website.

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E-lancing is Everywhere – How E-lancing and Crowdsourcing Are Changing How Everyone Hires Services, and How Freelance Design Is Affected

In the future, everyone will be a one-man company (or so the Economist predicts).

In the future, everyone will be a one-man company (or so the Economist predicts).

Last week, the Economist published an article about how a whole host of freelance apps and websites have appeared which are each trying to do for their respective fields what Uber and AirBnB have done for taxis and hospitality. It’s an excellent read for discussing the potential advantages as well as the pitfalls of freelancing becoming the new dominant business model. I noticed, however, the article didn’t go into any significant depth on how creative businesses would be affected by this paradigm shift. Since bespoke consumer goods are more in demand than ever, it seems worth considering.

Therefore, based on my own experience running companies as well as working freelance, combined with research into the current state of the market relating to e-lancing websites for creatives, I will offer some thoughts on what will happen to freelance creatives as everyone starts becoming a freelancer, as well as share some of the resources I’ve discovered which are available to freelance craftsmen. Continue reading