Selling on Precarious Online Retail Platforms and the Trouble with Etsy and Shapeways – The Dark Side of New Technology Part 2

For my second article in the “Dark Side of New Technology” series, I want to discuss the unintended side-effects of 3D model marketplaces and online retail and service platforms, as well as what can be done to fix these problems.

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E-lancing is Everywhere – How E-lancing and Crowdsourcing Are Changing How Everyone Hires Services, and How Freelance Design Is Affected

In the future, everyone will be a one-man company (or so the Economist predicts).

In the future, everyone will be a one-man company (or so the Economist predicts).

Last week, the Economist published an article about how a whole host of freelance apps and websites have appeared which are each trying to do for their respective fields what Uber and AirBnB have done for taxis and hospitality. It’s an excellent read for discussing the potential advantages as well as the pitfalls of freelancing becoming the new dominant business model. I noticed, however, the article didn’t go into any significant depth on how creative businesses would be affected by this paradigm shift. Since bespoke consumer goods are more in demand than ever, it seems worth considering.

Therefore, based on my own experience running companies as well as working freelance, combined with research into the current state of the market relating to e-lancing websites for creatives, I will offer some thoughts on what will happen to freelance creatives as everyone starts becoming a freelancer, as well as share some of the resources I’ve discovered which are available to freelance craftsmen. Continue reading