Exhibition Review – Diverse Maniere: Piranesi, Fantasy and Excess, at the Soane Museum

I recently visited the quirky Soane Museum and their latest exhibition on the graphic art of Piranesi, with matching 3D printed and cast objets d’art. I was rewarded with a demonstration of 3D printing for manufacturing like I’ve never seen before.

Piranesi engravings Continue reading

Live Computer Graphics Events, Video Game Competitions, and Jewellery CAD Designers

Has anyone ever seen this?

It seems the Smart Jewellery Show sponsored by InStore magazine hosts an annual live Jewellery CAD competition where CAD designers worked with a design draftsmen to realise a bespoke design on both paper and in CAD within a 2 hour time limit.

Combined with the Gemvision Symposium’s annual competition, the Goldsmiths Craft and Design Council’s annual awards (including CAD), and the Goldsmiths Centre‘s recent live CAD design event in May, it points to a potentially very interesting tipping point in the widespread use of jewellery CAD in industry. Continue reading

Dispatches from the 3D PrintShow 2012 in London

Printrbot’s stand at the 3D Printshow. Showing off just how inexpensive and portable RP machines can be.

This weekend I went to a wonderful open trade show highlighting the best of US and UK time compression technologies (that would be 3D scanning, Rapid Prototyping, and Bespoke CAD/CAM product design in English) called the 3D Printshow, held this year at the Brewery in London. Interestingly, I found out about this evert not through a trade magazine, but through the Evening Standard’s real estate section (of all places), under “bespoke furniture”.

That in and of itself points to something very interesting about this show which set it apart from every other trade show I’d ever seen about rapid prototyping—this was very much a family event. They not only allowed for families and children to come along, they explicitly encouraged it through both their website and many of the booths that were there. Continue reading