University of the West of England’s Innovation In Enamel Jewellery Database

Today I discovered a wonderful resource put together by the University of the West of England in Bristol.

They have assembled a series of electronic archives for their enamel collections which are openly accessible to the public. There are two key visual databases: vitreous enamel and innovation in enamel.

These are well worth a browse if you like your jewellery to have colour. The pages take a little bit of time to load, but they are worth it.

Innovation in Enamel Database at UWE Bristol

Innovation in Enamel Jewellery Database at UWE Bristol

A Wonderful Online Resource Of Old, Out Of Print Jewellery Books

Old Books Library

A gemologist from Sweden has assembled on his website a fantastic list of out-of-print books on gems and jewellery going all the way back to the mid 1600’s. (That’s right! Some of the books are actually in Latin!)

It’s definitely worth digging into if you have a bit of spare time and are fascinated by old manufacturing techniques and illustrations.

Gill’s Historical Index of Gems and Jewellery Books Online.


The Real Benefits of Additive Manufacturing

Todd Grimm has written an excellent article for TCT magazine which discusses the practical advantages of using Rapid Prototyping and Additive Manufacturing in business. It’s a tiny bit jargon heavy, but it’s very much worth a read:

…The real benefit of additive manufacturing (AM) is not speed. Although speed can be advantageous, it is only a feature of AM that translates to a benefit when a lead time reduction produces results. The real benefit of AM is efficiency, a measure that considers speed, effort, process delays, process steps and personnel time.

Real Benefits of Additive Manufacturing

Frequently Asked Questions Part 5 – But CAD is Taking Away Jobs!

…Isn’t it?

Even after all these years, it seems some rhetoric refuses to go away. While my colleagues and I get asked slightly less often than we used to about whether we think jewellery CAD destroys jobs, we still do get asked the same questions over and over again:

  • “Isn’t CAD killing handmade jobs?”
  • “Won’t CAD mean the end of handmade manufacturing?”
  • “Isn’t CAD just a lazy way of handling handmade manufacturing?”

There are two different answers I normally give to the above questions…
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Jewellery As it Appears in Poetry and Literature (Updated)

"Ring" poem by Carol Ann Duffy (print by Stephen Raw)

“Rings” poem by Carol Ann Duffy (print by Stephen Raw)

Given the fact that jewellery has such strong emotional connotations (especially the wedding ring), it should come as no surprise that it features a special place in the symbolism of poetry and literature, representing many things from an eternal and unbreakable institution of power to the seductive and addictive nature of said power.

A colleague has written a beautiful series of articles about jewellery symbolism in history, poetry and literature. Well worth a read.

Update: The website keeps a list of all poems featuring the word jewellery (and a separate list for the American spelling jewelry). Also, I’ve now added this entry to the Something Beautiful in Jewellery feature section of the blog.

The poem above is a piece written by Carol Ann Duffy about wedding rings. She also wrote a feature for the Guardian about poems for weddings.

I’ve copied the entire poem beyond the break.

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