Hungry Social Media Versus The Creative Mind – The Dark Side Of New Technology Part 1

The Tower of Babel as a metaphor for hungry social media

“A bottomless pit of violence, a tower of Babel where all are speakers and no hearers.” -Alexander Smith

I’ve been away a while. For all this absence, I do have many things to show: a new baby, a new start-up jewellery company, a new teaching certification, and a clearer picture of several new technology trends I’ve been recently watching play out in the corporate and educational worlds.

Unfortunately, what I’m seeing now isn’t all good. All of the new technologies we have written about previously in this blog have brought with them new opportunities. However, very recently it has become clear there are some destructive side-effects to some of these new innovations and market shifts.

So many technology blogs spend their times evangelising the Next Big Thing, either because they’ve been paid to sell it, or because they’re itching to be the first one to discover something new. Not every blog, however, spends time talking about what these innovations could mean. These analyses are one thing that has always made CAD Jewellery Skills a bit different from the numerous other 3D printing and new technology blogs out there.

So what I’m going to do with these next few articles to examine the negative side-effects of many of these innovations, and what we as jewellery businesses can do about it to protect ourselves. I shall call this new series “The Dark Side of New Technology”.

This first article will be about the side effects of social media marketing’s continuous growth.

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Bre and Co’s 3D Printed Boutique, and 4 Ways to Use CAD and 3D Printing In Your Retail Jewellery Website Marketing

Back in January, Bre Pettis (founder and former CEO of MakerBot) launched his own boutique 3D printed product brand called Bre & Co.

Their site and presentation is a fascinating study in ways to make 3D printed products appeal as a premium product to the current 25-35 year old middle income consumer market. It also shows what a website would look like when an artisan boutique is created to sell mostly or fully 3D printed retail products.

This marks an interesting evolution in the development of the CAD/CAM and 3D printing in the jewellery market. While we have talked about how CAD/CAM is portrayed to customers in the jewellery market before, it seems we are now seeing several distinctly different business strategies evolve which use 3D printing as a key component not only for manufacturing, but also for retail presentation. Each of these strategies shows how CAD/CAM is used and presented in a different target market.

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Boghossian Unveils New Merveilles Diamond Setting Technique

It seems even with old-fashioned fine jewellery techniques, innovation is still possible.

With their new Merveilles collection, Swiss jeweller Boghossian has unveiled an entirely new diamond setting technique they call merveilles setting. Within this setting, the surrounding stones play as much a part in holding the diamonds in position as the metal itself.

See for yourself:

The Jewellery Editor Article – Revolutionising Jewellery Design With 3D Printing

CAD Models and Technical Drawing from Mappin and Webb

CAD Models and Technical Drawing from Mappin and Webb

The technology for creating 3D printed precious metal jewellery has been commercially available to the jewellery trade for just over 3 years now. But while we haven’t seen anyone able to incorporate precious metal sintering into a viable business model yet, the promise of that technology excites quite a few people in the luxury market, and may go some way towards explaining why the concept of jewellery CAD itself is slowly and steadily continuing to build its caché.

The Jewellery Editor has recently interviewed several big names in luxury jewellery manufacturing and retail to see what they’re currently doing with jewellery CAD and 3D printing. Along the way, she collected a series of beautiful CAD-made jewellery images to accompany.

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Jewellery Focus Article – Analysis: New Business Opportunities for Designer Makers

The second in my series of articles for Jewellery Focus has just been released online. This new article focuses on the business opportunities now available which can help jewellery designer makers reach new audiences and expand their businesses.

The Stubbs ConfigureRing App is one example of the many new ways in which jewellery can be produced on demand and sold.

The Stubbs ConfigureRing App is one example of the many recently developed innovative ways in which jewellery can be sold.

Jewellery Focus Article – Analysis: New Business Opportunities for Designer Makers

3 Online Jewellery Shops For Jewellery CAD Designer-Makers

It seems many people in the jewellery industry are starting to wise up to the size of the potential market waiting for them online. Combining this with recent advances in the portability of sales tools, virtual catalogues, increasingly flexible 3D printing, and the myriad array of new business models, it seems we are seeing new approaches for reaching customers and delivering product every month.

Just in time for holiday shopping, I’ve gathered here three very different online businesses I haven’t mentioned before but definitely deserve more attention from jewellery CAD designers. The first is primarily for professional CAD modellers (but does offer some services to anyone in the jewellery trade), but the other two are for both CAD modellers and general shoppers:

3 Designer Jewellery Websites for CAD Jewellers

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