Boltenstern Launches a 3D Printed Gold and Platinum Jewellery Collection

As I’ve said before, it was only a matter of time before someone tried it with the tools as they are now. Now Austrian jeweller Boltenstern has collaborated with Cooksons to develop and release the first platinum and gold 3D printed jewellery collection, called Embrace.

The Bracelet design from the new 3D printed platinum “Embrace” collection.

More images from the collection after the break.

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Jewellery Focus Article – Cooksongold E-Manufacturing To Offer Platinum 3D Printing Service

Jewellery Focus recently announced that Cooksongold E-manufacturing‘s Metal Laser Sintering service is now expanding to offer platinum as a 3D printing option.

You can read the full article here.

I’m curious to know how they managed to find a way to control the cost aspect of this, but I am very pleased to see this is now a reality.

I.Materialise Article – An Introduction to 3D Printing For Metal

Today we have a special guest blogger — i.materialise’s Community Manager Roxy Maas will be giving us a basic overview of how gold, silver, brass and titanium are 3D printed.

For those who do not know, Belgium-based i.materialise is one of the big names among 3D printing service bureaus. With over twenty years of experience with 3D printing for product design and specialised knowledge in 3D metal printing, Roxy believes they are in a unique position to provide readers with an “inside scoop” on how the process of 3D printing works with metal, as well as how to best prepare your own CAD work for 3D printing.

i.materialise 3D printed model designed by Bathsheba Grossman

An Introduction to 3D Printing For Metal

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Introducing the 3D PMP Design Challenge – A 3D Printing Jewellery CAD Design Contest For Precious Metal Prototyping

A new contest has recently been announced by Gemvision in cooperation with Cooksongold and A3DM Technologies called the 3D PMP (Precious Metal Printing) Design Challenge. They’re requesting entries from CAD jewellery designers around the world to see who can produce the the best suited jewellery components for their EOS precious metal sintering machine.

3D PMP Design Challenge - Cooksongold Metal Laser Sintering EOS jewellery samples

It’s not every day that you get a chance to design parts for experimentation on a 3D metal sintering printer, so it’s quite an exciting opportunity. Also, for a contest that’s the first of it’s kind, the prizes are quite impressive. See for yourself on the 3D PMP web page!

The deadline is Friday 9th of May, so if you’re interested start designing right away!

Rapid Prototyping Jewellery Directly into Gold

Cookson Gold has decided to become the first UK company to offer a professional rapid prototyping service based on Metal Sintering directly into 18 carat gold.

Professional Jeweller has written an article today about the new service.

Cookson is calling the service E-Manuufacturing.