3D Printing Industry Blog Article – Best Commercial 3D Printing Services and Online Model Marketplaces

Not too long ago, the 3D Printing Industry Blog released their own list of best choices for commercial 3D printing services where you can release your 3D jewellery CAD models for others to purchase and 3D print.

Right now, it does seem like we are seeing a bit of an uncertain time for the jewellery industry. Every retailer is shifting their attention increasingly online, and while nearly all of the major jewellery manufacturers have embraced CAD, how they’re choosing use technology in their interactions with customers is still very much undecided. Within this uncertainty rests how CAD and 3D printing to order will sit within either fashion or fine jewellery.
At the moment, 3D printing marketplaces have become a kind of digital equivalent of the craft market, with free-wheeling designers using the established platforms as a way of getting attention and money for their talents. Like the old fashioned equivalent, these online marketplaces seem to be helpful for newcomers to get more of a feel for their target audiences.

3D Printing Industry Blog Article – Best Commercial 3D Printing Sites

Jewellery Focus Article – Analysis: New Business Opportunities for Designer Makers

The second in my series of articles for Jewellery Focus has just been released online. This new article focuses on the business opportunities now available which can help jewellery designer makers reach new audiences and expand their businesses.

The Stubbs ConfigureRing App is one example of the many new ways in which jewellery can be produced on demand and sold.

The Stubbs ConfigureRing App is one example of the many recently developed innovative ways in which jewellery can be sold.

Jewellery Focus Article – Analysis: New Business Opportunities for Designer Makers

Something Beautiful in Jewellery – Lynn Ban Jewelry

For the latest Something Beautiful in Jewellery entry, I present Lynn Ban.

Combining hand fabrication techniques seamlessly with laser engraving and CAD (and, like any true lady, never revealing all her secrets), her work is proof that edgy sculptural silver jewellery is still alive and well in the marketplace. Her work screams rock and roll and club scene, with influences of modern day New York City and her native Singapore.

Large Throwing Star Cuff Bangle by Lynn Ban

Large Throwing Star Cuff Bangle

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Iconery – A New Combination of CAD/CAM Manufacturing and Online Retail

Considering we’ve seen quite a few business models already which offer jewellery designers and CAD modellers a place to sell and promote their goods (including e-lancing, 3D model marketplaces, Jewellery CAD Competitions, and CAD-based jewellery e-commerce), I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone figured out a viable business model to take the idea of on-demand CAD-based jewellery manufacturing up-market.

Introducing Iconery.

Ivka Adam, Silicon Vally veteran who worked for eBay, Hulu, and Modnique, has developed Iconery as a way of seamlessly integrating both luxury e-commerce with CAD/CAM based fulfilment and support for its stable of independent designers. By providing a full range of services for their designers including CAD, 3D printing, casting, assembly and polishing, the idea is to give their curated designers more time to focus on their strengths while Iconery handles the rest.

iconery website

The 3D Printing Industry blog has written a nice analysis of their business model:

3Dprintingindustry.com Article – Iconery: Where E-Commerce and 3D Printing Intersect

Financial Times Article – Where to Buy Jewellery Online

It seems I’m not the only one noticing the changing trends in how jewellery is bought online. In the latest issue of London Financial Times’ How To Spend It supplement, they investigate who are the leading online retailers of fine jewellery. Along the way, they say some quite interesting things about trends in consumer spending.

Financial Times - Where To Buy Jewellery Online

Article – Financial Times How To Spend It – Where To Buy Jewellery Online

Argos is Producing Custom Jewellery With CAD/CAM???

Argos Customised Jewellery Trial Service

It’s a bit of a wild decision, but I have to give credit to the order-by-catalogue shopping outlet Argos for being brave enough to try something new and on-trend.

Argos is indeed rolling out a trial semi-bespoke design service through the new custom jewellery section on their website. From there, consumers can select accessories from an initial range of 10 items and modify them with a limited set of options.

From the looks of things, it seems like they’ve really thought through their target market carefully with this service. Both the prices and the turnaround for delivery are reasonable, so perhaps they really are onto something here.

See for yourself:

Argos Customised Jewellery Service

Face By Holition – Next Generation Face Tracking Augmented Reality For Cosmetics

face by holition - augmented reality cosmetics app
From the clever people (and old colleagues of mine) at Holition comes another wonderful innovation in augmented reality.

Introducing Face by Holition, an app which uses next generation face tracking technology to create an augmented reality cosmetics test counter. They are billing it as an augmented reality cosmetics app.

The technology behind this is as powerful as the interface is elegant. See for yourself (video after the cut): Continue reading