Something Beautiful in Jewellery – Artur Dabrowski

For this month’s Something Beautiful in Jewellery, I present Artur Dabrowski.

Artur was trained as an architect based in Brooklyn. Through his Shapeways shop and his own website, he has been making some elegant pieces of jewellery using CAD.

“Stair Ring”

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Something Beautiful in Fashion Jewellery – ELIXIR by Kali Ratcliffe

For this month’s Something Beautiful in Jewellery, I present a jeweller and fashion accessory designer Kali Ratcliffe, and her new brand ELIXIR.

Embossed leather hat, made with Rhino and a CNC milled mould

Kali is a graduate of the Royal College of Art who has studied under several jewellery and silversmithing masters before collaborating with a few London-based fashion labels. What makes her work so interesting is the diversity of approaches she’s willing to take to make the piece she wants, combining resourceful application of Rhino and Zbrush with laser engraving and control over metal and leather to make quite diverse (yet cohesive) forms.

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Something Beautiful in Body Adornment: Lisa Farrall’s Armour Hairstyle Collection

My instalment of Something Beautiful in Jewellery comes from a wonderfully unexpected direction– the world of creative hairdressing!

Multi-award winning hairstylist Lisa Farrall has recently released a series of incredible images for the British Hair Awards from her new Armour Collection. The entire series is her fashion-forward tributes to African culture. Each image is more incredible than the last.

If there ever was a series of body adornment images to inspire you to work harder on both your design development as well as your presentation, this is it!

A photo posted by Lisa Farrall (@lisafarrall) on

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Something Beautiful in Jewellery – Celtic3d

For the latest edition of Something Beautiful in Jewellery, I would like to present something different– a 3D CAD keychain designer.

Working out of Aberdeen, Scotland, Gavin Bain of Celtic3D draws upon rich historical research into medieval Scottish symbols for the creation of impressive relief designs for his keychains. His work is produced on demand and sold through Shapeways‘ own 3D model community in his Celtic3D online shop.

At the present time, every 3D printer on the market has issues and limitations with the surface quality they can create with 3D printed materials. To get around that can often involve polishing and removing a significant amount of detail. Waht make’s Gavin’s work remarkable is that he has found a way to make use of these limitations of 3D printing surface quality as a feature in and of itself on the design. It adds a look of aged or primitive authenticity to an object created with new technology. Very resourceful!

Kelpies Pendant by Celtic3D

Kelpies Pendant by Celtic3D

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Something Beautiful in Jewellery – Jo Hayes Ward and Bathsheba Grossman

For the latest instalment of Something Beautiful in Jewellery, I’m presenting two pioneers of 3D printed contemporary art jewellery design.

Most people in jewellery now seem to accept CAD/CAM as a fact of life, especially with all the new design possibilities it provides. But even 10 years ago this was not the case. Back then, while there were a few mass production jewellers quietly working to incorporate CAD/CAM into high street jewellery making (myself included), but most creative designer makers considered CAD a dirty word.

There were only a handful of intrepid designer-makers who not only insisted on using CAD and 3D printing for their jewellery and objets d’arts, but embraced the early forms of the technology for all its production quirks. I’m showcasing two such designer-makers today, one British (Jo Hayes-Ward) and one American (Bathsheba Grossman).


Ring by Jo Hayes-Ward


Pendant by Bathsheba Grossman









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Geek Culture Wedding Rings – The Trend in CAD Made Wedding Rings Inspired by Movie and Gamer Culture

Quidditch Snitch Ring by Paul Michael Designs

Quidditch Snitch Ring by Paul Michael Design

You don’t have to look very far on the Internet to see how Geek Culture has started to become a very large and visible subculture. By all estimates, there are more people attending comic book conventions dressed up in cosplay than there ever before in history. And just as with every other subculture, for several years now many different services and merchants have made a bundle of money tailoring their products to suit the gamer and geek demographics. None of this is actually news though.

What is news is how bespoke fine jewellers are now making jewellery for geek culture. At the request of customers, an increasing number of high-end jewellery designers are taking the symbols and emblems of fiction and games and turning them into beautiful and sometimes quite ornate wedding jewellery. Continue reading

Something Beautiful in Jewellery – Wallace Chan

For this month’s Something Beautiful in Jewellery feature, I present the technical and visual wonder that is Wallace Chan.

You know you’re a top-tier investment jewellery designer when you don’t even have to bother making your own PR any more, but rather simply allow major news networks to create articles spreading your legend. So it is the case with Wallace Chan. This Chinese born sculptor invented his own methods for intaglio carving into precious stones as well as setting titanium(!).

Combined with his unmatched understanding of anodised titanium and flair for fantasy sculpture, his work never fails to look utterly out of this world.

"Now and Always" Necklace by Wallace Chan

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