Rapid Prototyping Jewellery Directly into Gold

Cookson Gold has decided to become the first UK company to offer a professional rapid prototyping service based on Metal Sintering directly into 18 carat gold.

Professional Jeweller has written an article today about the new service.

Cookson is calling the service E-Manuufacturing.

Dispatches from the 3D PrintShow 2012 in London

Printrbot’s stand at the 3D Printshow. Showing off just how inexpensive and portable RP machines can be.

This weekend I went to a wonderful open trade show highlighting the best of US and UK time compression technologies (that would be 3D scanning, Rapid Prototyping, and Bespoke CAD/CAM product design in English) called the 3D Printshow, held this year at the Brewery in London. Interestingly, I found out about this evert not through a trade magazine, but through the Evening Standard’s real estate section (of all places), under “bespoke furniture”.

That in and of itself points to something very interesting about this show which set it apart from every other trade show I’d ever seen about rapid prototyping—this was very much a family event. They not only allowed for families and children to come along, they explicitly encouraged it through both their website and many of the booths that were there. Continue reading

From the Other Side of the Pond – Good Business Lessons From American Jewellers To British Jewellery Businesses (Updated)

In the field of jewellery design and manufacturing, there are a few American transplants over here to Europe (Elizabeth Gage and Jack Rosenthal of JAR). While I wouldn’t be so audacious as to compare myself to their talents, I too am an American transplant to the Europe, the UK in particular. Given my experience with both the American and British jewellery markets, I reckon this gives me some perspective to allow me to talk about some key differences in the American and British jewellery industries.

Since this blog focuses on jewellery manufacturing technology (in particular, technologies related to CAD/CAM), and I would hardly claim any economic expertise, I’ll direct my focus primarily onto the business of jewellery design and manufacturing. It’s all too easy to say that there are differences in the tastes of the consumers in each country, but the really interesting question here is how are businesses affected by consumer tastes and the economic climates in which they operate?

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