About Me


Who Am I?

My name is Jack Meyer. I am a CAD/CAM specialist for the UK jewellery industry. I’ve worked in both the USA as well as the UK, but am currently based in London. I started off working on flight simulators for the military before going back to school and re-training as a traditional bench jeweller and jewellery designer. I’ve been teaching jewellery CAD since 2006, offering developer-certified training in all the major jewellery CAD packages, and have working and teaching experience in a few minor ones as well.

In my role as Senior CAD/CAM Lecturer at The British Academy of Jewellery, I develop and teach courses relating to design communication and CAD/CAM software for jewellers. I also advise individuals or companies as to ways to improve their productivity through technology. As of right now, I can offer CAD training in any one of several CAD packages.

One interesting side effect of what I do for a living is that I have to spend quite a lot of time learning and understanding as many different types of CAD software as possible, especially ones directly involved in jewellery manufacture. Since I don’t sell any software and have no conflicts of interest in the CAD software I work with, I suppose that gives me a rather unusual perspective on what’s happening with Computer-Aided Design in general.

When I’m not writing for this blog or teaching, I manage my own bespoke jewellery design business called CAD Fantastic Jewellery. Particularly in the bespoke design section you can see examples of the kinds of work I am able to do for clients.

Visit CAD Fantastic Jewellery to see examples of the kinds of jewellery CAD and manufacturing work I make for clients.

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