Why CAD Jewellery Design Skills?

The CAD Jewellery Skills blog was originally set up in 2010 mostly for the purpose of holding a Frequently Asked Questions page I had made for answering questions seemingly everyone wanted to know about jewellery CAD. Based on its relatively rapid success, it became quickly clear there weren’t many people willing or able to answer questions about software from a neutral perspective—most training providers either sold software themselves, or had only spent time with one or two software packages.

I built my advisory service and training courses around this neutral vantage point—by discussing each different software in terms of its strengths without any conflicts of interest, I could better match students to the right program that would make them happier in the long-term while also helping software providers find happier and more loyal customers.

Who am I?

My name is Jack Meyer. I am a jewellery CAD/CAM specialist and educator currently based in London, although I have worked in both the USA as well as the UK. Before I had retrained in traditional bench jewellery design and manufacturing, I worked as a 3D modeller making visuals for military flight simulators. I’ve been delivering jewellery CAD training since 2006, offering developer-certified courses and private tuition in all major jewellery CAD packages (and several minor ones).

In the past, I’ve managed jewellery CAD-based manufacturing businesses and design teams for various projects, and I used to run a bespoke jewellery design label.

In my role as Senior CAD/CAM Tutor at The British Academy of Jewellery, I spent many years developing and teaching courses relating to design, jewellery CAD/CAM software, production management, and business development. I’ve also spent many years advising individuals or companies as to ways to improve their productivity through technology. Currently, I offer CAD training in any one of several jewellery CAD software packages.

Have a look at some of my previous jewellery design work from older client projects.

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Would you like to know more?

If you’re not sure which course to take, or would like to know more about a particular article here on the site, simply contact me and ask. I’m always happy to answer questions or provide advisory about the courses I deliver or jewellery CAD in general.

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We offer several live group short courses and one to one private masterclasses hosted online with Zoom.

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