Advanced Jewellery CAD Modelling Techniques in Rhino 3D book

Introducing the first jewellery CAD book written for Rhino 3D which focuses on more advanced jewellery CAD modelling.

  • 320 full colour pages packed with informative and easy to follow illustrations.
  • Learn how to use standard manufacturing tolerances for most types of jewellery.
  • Develop better problem solving skills with a holistic approach to CAD modelling.

The book is ideal for those Rhino CAD users looking to take their knowledge of 3D modelling to a higher level, especially those who work in jewellery and small metals manufacturing via 3D printing and CNC milling.

Advanced Jewellery CAD Modelling in Rhino 3D

In addition to being available in both paperback and e-book format from the publishers, the book is available through all good book retailers, as well as Amazon.

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About this book

Over the past few decades I’ve been working with Rhino, I’ve noticed how the overwhelming majority of training in the software structures itself like a series of recipes, rather than explaining why we use certain techniques. When it came time for me to write this book, I decided to focus on a different angle in education: don’t just teach people how, but also teach them why. The result is this holistic approach to 3D CAD modelling contained in this book.

Inside we cover much of the content that could be found in McNeel’s Level 2 Rhino Training, but we do so from a very different perspective. Far more emphasis has been placed on the tools and techniques which affect jewellery manufacturing, and we organise and consider the tools in a way which makes learning CAD problem solving much easier.


Is this book for me?

Since there have already been several wonderful beginner Rhino 3D for Jewellery books written and released in English and other languages, I chose to make this book targeted at those users who already have a solid grasp on the fundamentals of using Rhino 3D for jewellery making, or who have passed the equivalent to a Level 1 Rhino 3D for Jewellery short course (or my own beginner rhino course). Anyone from that journeyman level up to more advanced levels will benefit from what I have written.

For more information on the book, read the book review from Gems & Jewellery magazine.


What’s inside

An overview of each chapter:


Computer setup considerations for efficient work

Efficient Solid Modelling in Rhino

Holistic modelling strategy with solid construction

Jewellery Manufacturing Tolerances in CAD

Essential tolerances for making all major types of jewellery using CAD/CAM, and exercises showing the workflow for making each

Logic of NURBS Surfaces

How Rhino understands and builds NURBS surfaces, and how you can use this knowledge for modelling

Surface Decoration in Rhino

Advanced surfacing techniques for inlay and texture to take full advantage of Rhino's surface modelling tools

Subdivision Modelling in Rhino

A discrete subdivision modelling strategy for Rhino

Rhino 7 Rendering Essentials

Understanding the options in Rhino 7 Rendering and how to optimise them

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