Selected Jewellery CAD Video Tutorials

(Updated frequently. Tutorials last updated March 2019.)

Each of the links below contains a general description of that particular kind of design software, how it is used in jewellery design or manufacturing, and where each program’s particular strengths lie. Each page also contains a carefully chosen selection of CAD video tutorials I have gathered to help teach some essential basics of that software.

If you have any questions about the differences between the various CAD programs, there are descriptions on each page, and I’ve also written a FAQ page to compare all the various CAD software packages, as well as a list of CAD software combinations which work well together for various tasks in jewellery.

Jewellery CAD Video Tutorials By Software

Jewellery CAD Tutorials - 3Design
Jewellery CAD Tutorials - Rhino CAD for Jewellery Design Jewellery CAD Tutorials - Firestorm CAD
Jewellery CAD Tutorials - Zbrush for Jewellery Design Jewellery CAD Tutorials - Adobe Illustrator For Jewellery Technical Drawing

A Note On Quality Assurance and My Disclaimer

Note that before any of these CAD video tutorials are added to these pages, all of the videos are tested and confirmed to work correctly in the latest released version of that software. However, it has happeened before that the owner of the videos may remove them or set them as private after I have posted them.

If there are any differences between the version of the software being demonstrated and the latest version, I’ve confirmed that the changes with the new version won’t affect how this tutorial works. Also, where possible I try to choose the easiest to follow tutorials with clear verbal instructions and without any distracting background music playing while they’re working. If there is a problem with any of these tutorials please let me know and I will make an update.

If You’d Like To Learn More

Finally, while video tutorials are good, face to face training is always better. If you would like to know more, get in contact with me and let’s arrange a one to one masterclass.