10 Mentoring and Training Schemes To Help Build Your Jewellery Business (Updated)
28 February, 2017

BBC Business News recently aired a segment on How Crafts Workers are Learning to Sell their Work. In the segment, both the mentors and the craftsmen highlighted the importance of learning business skills. I agree, so I offer here a list of various mentorship and support schemes available for new jewellery businesses.

i.materialise article – How to Get Started With 3D Modelling
9 January, 2017

Over at the i.materialise blog, they have recently released a wonderful interview with Jonathan Williamson, professional 3D CGI modeller and tutor from CG Cookie, a training site

i.materialise Article – How to Make Money With 3D Printing
29 November, 2016

i.materialise's blog recently publised a good article on ways to help 3D printing content creators to make their work more profitable through online distribution.

FormLabs Blog Article – Ultimate Guide to Painting 3D Printed Parts
16 September, 2016

The technicians at FormLabs have written a first rate article on painting and applying clear-coats to 3D printed models to turn them from prototypes into sellable parts.

ProtoLabs Offers Torus – Free Product Design Reference for 3D Designers
6 September, 2016

ProtoLabs has created a handy physical reference piece for 3D product designers. They call it the Torus, and it's available as a free limited time giveaway.

How 3D Diamond Scanners Work
9 June, 2016

The world of 3D diamond scanning and mapping is a parallel road of development in 3D scanning technology, but with its unique combination of specialised scanning setup and pattern recognition software, it’s as fascinating to see in action as any kind of 3D scanner on the market.

Shapeways Article – Three Ways Handmade Jewellers Can Use 3D Printing
8 April, 2016

Shapeways has published a simple but useful article outlining three common ways in which a traditional hand making jeweller could take advantage of 3D printing.

i.materialise Article – 9 Free CAD Programs To Get You Started with 3D Printing
23 February, 2016

Our friends at i.materialise have put together their own list of cheap or free 3D CAD programs to help people get started with product design CAD for 3D printing.

CNC Cookbook’s 10 Things Beginning CNC Mill Users Need
7 January, 2016

The nice people at the CNC Cookbook blog have put together a valuable article of good starting up tips for new users of CNC mills. Many of these

Ganoksin Article – CAD Craft in Ron Litolff’s Ring
1 December, 2015

The Ganoksin Project website has posted an article offering an interesting case study in using CAD modelling to amplify a classically designed filigree bespoke engagement ring made for a client commission.