Shapeways Article – Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights and Protections
3 September, 2015

As August is normally a slow news month for most manufacturers, this seems to be the time when bloggers and journalists are forced to get creative with content

TCT Magazine Article – How To Build a 3D Printing Bureau
17 July, 2015

Recently TCT Magazine spoke to their readership to ask them what it takes to build a successful 3D printing service bureau for any focus or industry (including jewellery).

Setting Up the Cintiq Pen Tablet to Work Better with Zbrush.
12 March, 2015

A very talented colleague of mine here in the UK has recently completed an online tutorial (along with a video) on how to set up your Wacom

Something Beautiful in Jewellery – The Goldsmiths Craft and Design Awards 2014
6 March, 2015

I think I’ll start making these Something Beautiful in Jewellery posts into a regular series. What with all of the incredible technical innovations and the ingenuity of so many designers

Something Beautiful in Jewellery – Zbrush’s Dedicated Jewellery Design Case Studies
2 February, 2015

It was recently brought to my attention that when Pixologic (makers of Zbrush) expanded their website, they officially included the jewellery industry as one of their official user bases

i.materialise’s Periodic Table of 3D Printed Materials
1 December, 2014

This came up in class today, so I thought it would be useful to share with everyone. i.materialise has published their own handy guide to 3D printed

University of the West of England’s Innovation In Enamel Jewellery Database
27 November, 2014

Today I discovered a wonderful resource put together by the University of the West of England in Bristol. They have assembled a series of electronic archives for their enamel

Boing Boing post – Molly Crabapple’s 14 rules for creative success in the Internet age
5 November, 2014

Artist and Vice columnist Molly Crabapple has shared a list of her 14 rules for creative success in the Information Age. There’s some good advice to be found here

Excellent Jewellery Design Advice from Stuller’s Product Developer Chuck Bowman
26 September, 2014

Recently, I discovered on Jewellery Making Daily a great interview with Chuck Bowman, one of Stuller‘s product developers, about the design development process. His insights make for some fantastic advice

I.Materialise Article – An Introduction to 3D Printing For Metal
21 August, 2014

Today we have a special guest blogger — i.materialise’s Community Manager Roxy Maas will be giving us a basic overview of how gold, silver, brass and titanium