Precision 5-Axis CNC for Jewellery with NS CNC Mills
20 February, 2022

Since it has come to my attention several students had been asking what 5-axis CNC milling for jewelllery looks like, I thought it would be good to share an excellent example of this applied technology - the NS CNC Mill.

Introducing the new Panther 3D jewellery plug-in for Rhino
6 January, 2020

RhinoGold's absorption by Gemvision/Stuller left a gap in the market for a low-cost jewellery CAD plug-ins. Now, at last, we have a new low cost jewellery CAD contender by the name of Panther.

CAD Book Review – Designing Jewelry with Rhino By Eliania Rosetti
28 January, 2017

A few weeks ago, I discovered a book called Designing Jewelry with Rhino by Eliania Rosetti being self-published out of Brazil. Since it’s become clear that more CAD jewellers need to know about this book, I’ve written a brief review here.

Exhibition Review – Diverse Maniere: Piranesi, Fantasy and Excess, at the Soane Museum
22 March, 2014

I recently visited the quirky Soane Museum and their latest exhibition on the graphic art of Piranesi, with matching 3D printed and cast objets d’art. I was rewarded

Dispatches From the 2013 3D Printshow
21 November, 2013

While my review of the 3D Printshow in London is a little bit overdue, the 3D Printshow itself is still on its multi-city tour, so it’s still

Exhibition Review – The Future Is (Was) Here at the Design Museum
6 October, 2013

Recently I went to the Future Is (Was) Here Exhibition at the Design Museum. Here are my thoughts:

Layer By Layer Exhibition Review
19 May, 2013

The Fashion Space Gallery at the London College of Fashion is hosting a small exhibition on 3D printing and its uses in fashion and accessory design called

RhinoRing Plug-In Review
11 March, 2013

I’ve just had the chance to review the new RhinoRing, a plug-in for Rhino which was recently updated to work with the new version 5.

Exhibition Review – Unexpected Pleasures at the Design Museum
6 February, 2013

Last week I visited the Design Museum‘s special exhibition on Contemporary Art Jewellery, entitled Unexpected Pleasures.

Introducing RhinoGold 4 with Clayoo
1 February, 2013

On this Tuesday the 29 January TDM Solutions hosted it’s RhinoGold version 4 launch event at the Goldsmiths Centre, debuting several new features in the software, as well as