Geek Culture Wedding Rings – The Trend in CAD Made Wedding Rings Inspired by Movie and Gamer Culture
23 September, 2015

You don’t have to look very far on the Internet to see how Geek Culture has started to become a very large and visible subculture. By all

Something Beautiful in Jewellery and Crafts – Hybrid Craft Gallery at SIGGRAPH 2015
7 September, 2015

For today’s Something Beautiful in Jewellery and Crafts, I present a fantastic exhibition featured at this year’s SIGGRAPH 2015 conference in Los Angeles. The gallery (entitled “Hybrid

Something Beautiful in Jewellery – LoveGold
18 August, 2015

(Update: LoveGold seems to have taken down their e-commerce site entirely and replaced it with a series of social media accounts.) For the latest instalment of Something Beautiful

Something Beautiful in Jewellery/Accessories – Zaha Hadid and Other Architects Design Shoes for United Nude
16 June, 2015

It seems 3D printing has been fully embraced by couture shoe designers now. Dutch-British shoe designers United Nude have invited five world-class architects to design some incredible

Something Beautiful in Jewellery – Wallace Chan
11 May, 2015

For this month’s Something Beautiful in Jewellery feature, I present the technical and visual wonder that is Wallace Chan. You know you’re a top-tier investment jewellery designer when you don’t

Something Beautiful in Jewellery – Shiruba Tree Bespoke Wood and Silver Jewellery
6 April, 2015

Sometimes you can take very old processes and combine them together to find a new innovation in jewellery making. For my latest entry in Something Beautiful in Jewellery,

Something Beautiful in Jewellery – The Goldsmiths Craft and Design Awards 2014
6 March, 2015

I think I’ll start making these Something Beautiful in Jewellery posts into a regular series. What with all of the incredible technical innovations and the ingenuity of so many designers

Something Beautiful in Jewellery – Zbrush’s Dedicated Jewellery Design Case Studies
2 February, 2015

It was recently brought to my attention that when Pixologic (makers of Zbrush) expanded their website, they officially included the jewellery industry as one of their official user bases

Jewellery As it Appears in Poetry and Literature (Updated)
15 October, 2012

Given the fact that jewellery has such strong emotional connotations (especially the wedding ring), it should come as no surprise that it features a special place in