MatrixGold Tips and Tricks Online Seminar Series Part 2

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About this course

As a follow up to the Tips and Tricks Part 1 Seminar, Jack Meyer will share his MatrixGold tips and tricks for getting the most out of your software.

In this 3-hour online zoom seminar/one shot training course, Jack Meyer will discuss holistic modelling strategy and problem-solving in MatrixGold, including how non-dynamic Rhino commands fit in with MatrixGold commands and the dynamic history tree.

Note this seminar and the Tips and Tricks part 1 seminar are both single-day standalone courses, and you can take either or both without needing the other.

Contact GVUK Design about the course for more information or to register.

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Highly recommend to take lessons with Jack

“Jack is a very talented teacher, he is patient, explains detail very well and is fun to learn with. I would highly recommend anyone that wants to learn CAD for Jewellery to take lessons with him.”

Karen P
London, UK

One of the best investments I have made

“His knowledge of Jewellery CAD is on a different level, truly a master in 3D CAD. I am looking forward for next course already. To take CJS courses is probably one of the best investments I have made when it comes to my career. 11/10”

Jalal S
Gothenburg, Sweden

Gradually develop your learning skills in each session.

“I have just completed a one-one illustrator jewellery design course with Jack. He was fantastic, not only is he patient & informative but has created a program that allows you to gradually develop your learning skills in each session.”

Sophie M
Kent, UK