Carveco and ArtCAM Jewelsmith

Carveco (which is basically ArtCAM under a different name) is the gold standard of relief carving and 2.5D sculpting CAD software programs. Originally designed for sign-making and relief carving, it still remains even now the best software of its kind for bas-relief carving and 2.5D sculpture.

Features of the software include: relief creation and sculpture tools, a series of jewellery-specific creation tools (inherited from the ArtCAM Jewelsmith extension), and a full CNC toolpath generation suites for interfacing with your CNC mill or engraving machines. The combination of all these means you can create textural and sculptural relief shapes unlike any other CAD program.

Ironically, Carveco’s strength has always been its weakness. That is to say, Carveco is a relief carving program rather than a fully 3-dimensional CAD tool. But it is designed to build, control, and assemble reliefs in ways that no other program can. For this reason, it has often made a brilliant second CAD program to combine with other 3-Dimensional CAD software.

Of course, there’s more to it than just that. Contact me to discuss the advantages of Carveco relative to other jewellery CAD programs, and whether Carveco is the best jewellery CAD software package for you.

To Learn More About Jewellery CAD/CAM

If any of these tutorials whets your appetite for learning more about how to use ZBrush for your CAD jewellery design and manufacturing, I can provide you with two options:

  1. I offer one of the few bespoke masterclasses in the world using Zbrush for sculptural and organic modelling specifically for jewellery. Contact me directly to find out more about bespoke private tuition in Carveco to suit your business needs and timetables.
  2. Alternatively, I have collected a series of tutorial videos below which can both help you get a feeling for what the software is like to use, and also how to perform certain key tasks in the software.


Selected Carveco and ArtCAM Jewelsmith Tutorials

Because the two softwares

Tutorial Videos From Other Users


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