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Firestorm CAD has the distinction of being the only Direct Modelling jewellery CAD program. Direct modelling it’s an advanced variation of Parametric modelling which allows users to change geometry and properties of an object without having to worry about the rigid structure of a parametric history.

For this reason, this makes it a fantastic program for reworking and resizing models once you’ve already made them, and for building up a library of pre-made geometry which can then be reworked at a later date based on customer requests.

Selected Tutorial Videos

Firestorm has its own training website with dozens of exclusive tutorial videos for those who already own the software. But there are also quite a few independently made video tutorials out there worth checking out as well:

To Learn More About Jewellery CAD/CAM

If any of these tutorials whets your appetite for learning more about how to use Firestorm CAD for your CAD/CAM jewellery design and manufacturing, you can reach our friends directly at Firestorm CAD and 3D Space Pro inc who can help you.