Oval sapphire cluster ring CAD model made in Matrix CAD

Gemvision/Stuller Matrix 9

Up until August 2019, Matrix 9 was the flagship product of Gemvision (a subsidiary of Stuller). It was a jewellery-specific CAD suite based upon Rhino CAD software’s same core engine, but rebuilt from the ground up to make it as easy and efficient as possible for fine jewellers.

Matrix’s Advantages and Disadvantages

In addition to offering all the advantages of Rhino, Matrix has a whole series of additional builders and special tools for making all the repetitive and painstaking tasks of jewellery design (such as pave and prong settings) fast and easy. Thanks to all these additional tools, Matrix will get you designing for production amazingly quickly.

One disadvantage Matrix has always had has been speed of loading. It’s an awfully big program, and the loading time never lets you forget that.

There’s more to it than just that. Contact me to discuss the advantages of Matrix relative to other jewellery CAD programs, and whether Matrix is the best jewellery CAD software package for you.

To Learn More About Jewellery CAD/CAM

If this whets your appetite for learning more about how to use Matrix 9 for your CAD jewellery design and manufacturing, I can provide you with two options:

  1. I’ve designed several Matrix short courses for beginner and intermediate users, focusing on Matrix’s builders and key problem solving strategies for turning your ideas into CAD models for 3D printing. Contact me directly to find out more about bespoke private tuition in Matrix 9 to suit your business needs and timetables.
  2. I have also collected a series of tutorial videos below which can both help you get a feeling for what the software is like to use, and also how to perform certain key tasks in the software.

If you’re looking for more information on purchasing the software, contact the UK distributor for all Gemvision/Stuller products: GVUK Design.

Selected Tutorial Videos – Matrix

Tutorial Videos of My Creation

Tutorial Videos From Other Users

58 Comments Matrix 9 – Jewellery CAD Software Overviews and Tutorials

  1. hi
    i want to learn matrix but im from india and i cant visit your institute in london because of financial status. please can you advise me if there are some tutorials or dvds from which i can learn

    1. Dear Karina:

      I think the problem is most tutors feel that teaching many of the more high-end CAD software packages requires some amount of hands-on training. While this can be delivered to a limited extent through on-line portals, working exclusively off of training videos without much supplement from actual teacher interaction is a poor substitute for a class. I would agree with this line of thought myself as well.

      Perhaps if there were several individuals in your organisation, perhaps we could look into arranging a special session with your team, either with your coming here, or with my coming there? It might not necessarily be cheap, but it would solve the problem.
      I would warn you though that my Hindi is not very good…



      1. I am also looking for Gemvision Matrix course for a long time. I am eager to learn about jewellery designing. But I didn’t get anyone in this field.

        1. Dear Harish:

          If you can travel to the United Kingdom, I can help you. But at the present time I am not equipped to run classes in any other country. My apologies.

          We are looking into solutions for the future though. Watch this space.



  2. Hi we are unable to open our matrix 7 on one our computer the key is recognised but it keeps saying run tim error before the program loads.How do we fix this! Its on a pc

    1. Dear Serge:

      I’m afraid you’ll have to contact Gemvision directly if you want to know the price of any of their software, including Gemvision Matrix.



  3. Hi I am based in the south east of the uk ad I have matrix 8 and want to learn how to use it properly so I can do more things with it I was just wondering if there where any tutors or classes in the south east or London for me to go to or for a tutor to com to me?
    many thanks

    1. Hi Ben:

      As a matter of fact, I’m based in London. If coming to London is an option for you from where you are, contact me and we can work out either bespoke training, or I could possibly enrol you in one of my short courses.



  4. how much is your advanced course charge I can come and learn in London
    do you have any cheap hostel nearby the school
    let me know
    Looking to hear form you thanks .

  5. How much your coursecharge.How I can cme London,you have any chep hostel nearby your institution . Please send me details.looking to hear from you thanks.

    1. Dear Abumashar:

      Apologies for the delayed response.

      You can find out cost for the courses we offer at the Holts Academy website: http://www.holtsacademy.com. For coming to London, my suggestion would be to consider AirBnB.com accommodation rather than hostels, but there are several good hostels in the area of central London. Again, I would suggest liaising directly with the Holts Academy admissions staff on the matter.

      We can do one-to-one bespoke training if you wish as well, which might be more worthwhile if you’re coming all this way to study. Would you be interested in that?

      I hope that helps.

      Best regards,


    1. Hi Daniel:

      A comparison I like to use is comparing Rhino and Matrix to Mercedes and Bentley. Both have the same core engine, but Bentley (Matrix) has many more bells and whistles added on top. Matrix has all the core functions of Rhino, but with a lot of additional commands useful for helping you create fine jewellery designs efficiently.

      Does that help?



  6. hi, using rhino gold for jewellery designing, what is difference between gold and matrix. From where i can download matrix. please help

    1. Hi Sapna:

      Both are based on Rhino, but the difference is the level of improvement over basic Rhino for jewellery making. Rhinogold is a plug-in for Rhino which adds some jewellery functionality. Matrix is a complete platform rewrite of Rhino for fine jewellery, with many more tools and an entirely new workflow.

      You don’t download Matrix, you purchase it directly from Gemvision. Go to their website and talk to them: http://www.gemvision.com.

      Hope that helps.



  7. Dear Jack,
    I am working with Matrix 7 for 2 years. Some of my models (especially the ones with many gemstones) are very large (more than 40mb) and I have some problems while loading them in order to be printed. Is there any way to reduce these files’ mb?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Maria.

      Good question. With 32-bit Rhino and Matrix (as well as other programs), there is an unofficial file size limit. Files which are too large will simply crash the program, if not the system. But even with 64-bit programs, you load a file that’s very large, the machine will run more and more slowly until the program or the system crashes anyway.
      This is a common problem with pieces with huge amounts of gemstones. Rendering them can be quite a chore, as you may need to render the piece in sections and compile them in Photoshop.

      However, when it comes to exporting the model for 3D printing, that’s different. The size of the mesh is entirely related to the mesh density, rather than the complexity of the original object. And this mesh density is under your control when you export. Of course, we may be running into a problem where the file is too big to both have loaded in while simultaneously trying to export it.

      A couple of suggestions to lighten the load on your computer:

      1.) Make sure you’re using a 64 bit version of the program, you’re using a 64 bit operating system, and you have a good amount of RAM in your machine.
      2.) Make a version of the file with ONLY the geometry intended for 3D printing. Remove all gemstones, curves, duplicate objects, and anything that’s on a hidden layer.
      3.) View the object with any form of shading which doesn’t show isocurves. Plastic shading is particularly good in Matrix, and Rendered shading is good in Rhino.
      4.) Delete the original NURBS object before exporting the mesh.

      Hope that helps.



  8. Hi again Jack!

    Thank you so much for your answer. I will try all of your suggestions. Just one more thing, when you say “delete the original NURBS” you mean to delete the mesh? I avoid working with meshes and I only export everything in closed surfaces only.

    Thank you once again!

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Maria:

      No, I do not. I mean “delete the original NURBS, and keep the mesh”.

      The process of meshing and exporting is destructive, so you’re not going to save this file normally anyway. Rather, you’re going to export the parts and then throw away the file afterwards, hence why you save the original before you start meshing.

      Don’t be afraid of meshes. If you want to have control over your exporting to .stl, you have to make meshes and export the meshes yourself.



  9. I ‘ve downloaded the matrix 8 with Rhinoceros.5.12.50810.13095.x64

    But the run-time error message
    (No update error – No key found)
    (your rhino version is out of date.you must be running Rhino 5.0 sr3.apdate 16 april 2013)

    please help me!!

    1. Hi Sami:

      1. Run rhino on its own, and make sure the license is up to date.

      2. Make sure your Matrix Dongle is functional and plugged in properly.



    1. Hi Madan:

      There are video tutorials out there for some software (including Matrix), but as you can see quality control varies. I’d always recommend on-site training for anyone (even in your local area), but if that’s not possible online training is definitely better than nothing.

      I’m currently looking into the prospect of developing online training. Watch this space.



  10. Hi,
    Are Matrix 8 Rendered Jewelry images useful for printing.
    I mean to say are the images in 300dpi.
    Please let me know.

    1. Hi Vishal:

      Actually, most rendering plug-ins I’ve seen only output 72DPI. But if you make the image large enough, that doesn’t matter.

      Unfortunately, with Matrix’s standard version of V-Ray, there is a limit to the image size. However, you can get the full version of the V-Ray plug-in to work just fine with Matrix, which then lifts the limit on the maximum image size.

      Hope that helps.


  11. Asslam o Alaikum Brother i want to ask something from u..

    Brother my question is that can i run matrix 7 and 8 on same window?
    or i need dual boot windows to do so?

    1. Dear Muhammed:

      It is possible to install version 7 and version 8 of matrix on the same copy of Windows. You just cannot run them at the same time (due to licensing).



  12. Hi Jack:
    I am based out in NYC was wondering if you host any online seminar. My mother has been in the industry for years on 47th street. We just purchased a FORMLABS 3D printer, i have been applying the supports and converting 3DM files TO STL. Matrix has intrigued me and i am interested in learning to design.Do you host any online seminars or you videos ? Please email me.

  13. hi i have counter sketch gemvision but is i want to open it all it do is ask the language the when i say okay it just goes away what can i do please help me

    1. Hi Ruben:

      Call or email your Matrix support help. If your software is legitimate, then they will help you quickly. If your software is an illegal download, the I would suggest buying the real software, and that should fix your issue.



  14. Hey there…
    I wanna know that is it possible to import Matrix file into cinema 4d including all the vray textures and exquisite details… I’ve purchased the software now I wanna eport my project to cinema 4d but I dn’t know how .. and I don’t wanna lose matrix amazing textures.. can u help me anyway…??? I ‘d be much obliged

    1. Hi Mehvish:

      Matrix uses V-Ray, and Cinema 4D is able to use it’s own version of V-Ray as a plug in. This means it may be possible to export the rendering setup from Matrix, and then import it into C4D’s version of V-Ray. You’d also need to export the CAD file into C4D as well, and link the two up. I’ve never tested it though so I don’t know how it would work.

      In the rendering V-Ray Styles menu in Matrix, there is a way of saving the file’s rendering settings. Look for it and try it out.

      Besides that, I would suggest trying the V-Ray rendering plug-in technical support forums for this. http://forums.chaosgroup.com/

      Hope that helps point you in the right direction.



  15. HI, need to ask if there are a software simpler than Matrix, just to show your client the idea of a ring for example and how many stones according to size would look like?

    1. Hi Maarten:

      Interesting question. From what I can tell, as of the November build of MatrixGold it does not have a custom gem builder built in. Having said that, I seldom if ever used it anyway in RhinoGold or Matrix, preferring to just make my own.

      It is interesting to note what they did and did not keep when making MatrixGold. Recently I was teaching Clayoo to a RhinoGold student, and I had the opportunity to evaluate MatrixGold in direct side-by-side comparison to RhinoGold 6.6. A couple of things jumped out at me:

      1. The layout of MatrixGold can be instantly explained by looking at RhinoGold. It’s designed to be a hybrid of RhinoGold and Matrix 9. Most of the interface improvements made in MatrixGold are direct responses to persistent issues with interface controls in both its parents. The general layout is RhinoGold, but the layers are Matrix, and the groupings of commands in the top menu are entirely new. Since RhinoGold’s command groupings in that top menu were confusing at best, it’s a modest improvement. I still don’t like that large command top bar though. (not very efficient)

      2. There are several commands missing from MatrixGold that were in Matrix, but in most cases, the commands were rarely used and even more rarely useful. The Pave and AutoPave builders, for example (only ever good for show), or the Celtic Knot builder.

      How important was the command to you? Have you asked Gemvision for it yet?



  16. Hi Jack,

    Hope all is well, I am looking to buy a matrix 9 software key, do you have a key for sale or you know someone want to sale his key.

    Best Regards

  17. Hi,
    I am from Pakistan and I am using matrix 9 for 3 years now I try to shift on matrix gold …but I didn’t ..Czn you help me

    1. Hi Daud:

      I’ll check, but I do believe upgrade time window Stuller was allowing for people to convert from Matrix to MatrixGold has ended. I believe you’d have to buy the new software now outright now.

      I can help you with training, and I can help put you in touch with the MatrixGold sales rep which covers Pakistan if you like. Email me and I’ll do what I can.


  18. Hi Jack Meyer, I’m Hassan Tariq my concern is I wanna learn about matrix 9 or matrix gold which one you prefer because I’m new in this field. I know about matrix 9 little bit but can you tell me that now you’re teaching or not?

    1. Hi Hassan.

      I teach both. Normally I recommend learning whichever software you already own. But if you don’t own either yet, then I’ll always recommend MatrixGold simply because it’s still being manufactured. (Matrix 9 was discontinued in 2019 if I recall correctly).

      Hope that helps. I regularly run MatrixGold short courses, so check my Events page:


      Alternatively, send me an email and we can discuss one to one training.



  19. Any forums to point guidance on troubleshooting Syntax errors when opening the software?
    Line: 10
    Char: 4011
    Error: Syntax Error
    Code: 0

    1. Hi Luc:

      I’m afraid you might have missed the boat on upgrading to MatrixGold from Matrix 9, but I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Do you know the contact details for your local sales rep?


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