Moment of Inspiration 3D

Moment of Inspiration 3DMoment of Inspiration 3D (also known as MoI) is one example of the new generation of low cost product design CAD software solutions (alongside Blender and 3D Coat), and was the first of this new generation of tools to reach the market. Its flexibility of use is compared by many to that of other tools like Rhino CAD, but it costs less than most other kinds of product design CAD.

Its other advantages are that it has been designed to work in a way which is pen tablet friendly, and it is also one of the few low cost CAD solutions which already has a user base involved in jewellery manufacturing. This can make it an appealing entry point for prospective CAD users looking to get started.

Selected Tutorial Videos – Moment of Inspiration 3D

You can also find more MoI Videos on the resources section of the MoI website. There are quite a lot of user-created videos now.

To Learn More About Jewellery CAD/CAM

If any of these tutorials whets your appetite for learning more about how to use Moment of Inspiration for your CAD jewellery design and manufacturing, take a look at my training options.

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    1. Hi Zakaria:

      Yes we do have tutorials for Rhino. Go back to the top menu and go looking under CAD software tutorials for Rhino.

      (BTW there’s no such thing as Rhinocerous 2016. You must mean Rhino 5.)

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