Jewellery CAD Training – Private Tuition Masterclasses and Short Courses

One To One Private Jewellery CAD Training – Online or In-Person

My bespoke jewellery CAD training masterclasses are perfect for those students who are keen to learn how to use Matrix to create 3D CAD jewellery models for rendering and 3D printing, but find themselves too busy to take on a longer short course. They are also ideal for those students who already know some amount of CAD, and want to increase their knowledge in specific areas or techniques.

Jewellery CAD Masterclasses can be run as half days (or full days for in-person courses), and for one or more people, offered either on-site at your location or at my own training room in Central London.

Each bespoke CAD training course is personalised to suit the individual student, building on their existing knowledge of both CAD and PCs in general. All masterclasses also include:

  • Full colour course notes personalised to suit the unique class being delivered.
  • Unlimited email support from the tutor afterwards.

Online Jewellery CAD Training

As of March 2020, I’ve now reopened my online bespoke CAD training course offering. All software below is available for video chat based short course training. For these online courses, we only run them as half days.

You can view my full schedule of online classes in the Events section.

Jewellery CAD Software Taught

Private jewellery CAD training and short courses are available for any of the software packages or plug-ins below:

For Rhino specifically, I also offer bespoke training for specific plug-ins and features, such as:

  • Jewellery subdivision modelling techniques using Rhino 7’s SubD tools, Clayoo, or T-Splines
  • Rendering with V-Ray, Keyshot, or Rhino’s default renderer

I also offer training in many more unusual and older CAD software packages used for jewellery (Such as ArtCAM shown above). Just ask about a particular package if you’d like to know if I can provide training.

How It Works

After you have contacted me and let me know which kind of software you’d like to study, we’ll then discuss what you already know and what you’d like to achieve. From there, I’ll construct a short course to help you get to your goal, taking elements from my own course syllabus and customising them to suit your needs. I’ll then give you a price based on the amount of time it would take to cover that amount of course material.

The curriculum for any bespoke masterclass starts from the same core syllabus as my short courses. Working one to one, however, means we can work roughly twice as fast through material than we ever could in a group classroom environment. This means I can cover approximately 4 days of material in 2 days.

To help you decide what you’d like to learn in masterclass with me, contact me and I’ll send you course syllabus summary.

Why Study with CAD Jewellery Skills Training?

Jewellery CAD training with Jack Meyer

With my training courses and bespoke masterclasses, I’ve been helping jewellers develop their CAD skills up to a professional standard for over 14 years.

My interaction with CAD training in Hatton Garden began at a time when all the major jewellery businesses were changing their opinions on jewellery CAD from considering it to be a dirty closed-doors secret to being something everyone used. Because of this perspective, I’ve spent my entire career grounding everything I teach in terms of in practical applications for jewellery making and business.

Several key points separate my methods of teaching from most other CAD tutors currently working right now:

  • I have been providing training in all major jewellery CAD software packages being used by industry since 2006. More than 800+ jewellery CAD students have passed through my classroom during that time. There are only a few jewellery CAD trainers working right now who can say that. Most of the ones who can are specialists in only one software package. This perspective gives me many different and varied approaches to explaining key principles of software, or helping students bring their existing knowledge from one CAD package to another.
  • While I am certified to train in all major 2D and 3D CAD software packages commonly used in the jewellery industry, I do not sell any of them. This gives me a neutral perspective on everyone’s software, and allows me to advise and encourage users to find the software which will be most suitable for the kinds of work they want to ultimately do in CAD. Over the years CAD software providers have told me they find my approach gives them happier and more loyal customers, and I’ve found students are happier in the longer term with their choice based on my advice as well.
  • Because I’m not selling software, I focus my training on building the students’ problem solving skills in the software rather than just teaching the latest features. Experience has taught me that my approach is actually rather unusual for many of the software packages I teach.
  • I also seem to be unusual among jewellery CAD trainers in the emphasis I place on understanding how manufacturing tolerances interact with jewellery CAD modelling. This is why a substantial part of what I teach also includes understanding how to apply ideal tolerances for jewellery manufacturing (such as 3D printing a claw setting that will survive casting, building bracelets to correct sizes in CAD, etc.).

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