The following are a selection of some of the most useful jewellery learning resources we’ve written over the years specifically for jewellery students and professionals wishing to build their knowledge of jewellery business and technology.

Most of these come from our list of Frequently Asked Questions.


Resources Pages for Jewellers

Introduction to Jewellery CAD and 3D Printing

Some essential basic information everyone ought to know before they begin.

FAQ 2 - Getting Started in Jewellery

If you're just starting out, here are some good pointers to help save you time.

FAQ 3 - Resources for New Jewellers

A long list of essential and useful links for all things related to jewellery and CAD.

Jack Meyer answers Frequently Asked Questions About Jewellery CAD and emergent jewellery technologies
FAQ 8 - Ideal Computer Specifications for CAD

My compiled set of PC and Mac system requirements for computers which can run 2D and 3D CAD.

FAQ 7 - How to Afford CAD Software

If a particular CAD software seems too expensive to you, what are your options and alternatives?

adobe connect virtual online classroom example
FAQ 13 - Which is Better, Online or Offline Training?

I conducted a study a few years ago on the differences and advantages of different types of training delivery. Here are my results.