Geek Culture Wedding Rings – The Trend in CAD Made Wedding Rings Inspired by Movie and Gamer Culture

23 September, 2015
Quidditch Snitch Ring by Paul Michael Designs
Quidditch Snitch Ring by Paul Michael Design

You don’t have to look very far on the Internet to see how Geek Culture has started to become a very large and visible subculture. By all estimates, there are more people attending comic book conventions dressed up in cosplay than there ever before in history. And just as with every other subculture, for several years now many different services and merchants have made a bundle of money tailoring their products to suit the gamer and geek demographics. None of this is actually news though.

What is news is how bespoke fine jewellers are now making jewellery for geek culture. At the request of customers, an increasing number of high-end jewellery designers are taking the symbols and emblems of fiction and games and turning them into beautiful and sometimes quite ornate wedding jewellery.

Mockingjay Necklace by Takayas Custom Jewelry
Mockingjay Necklace by Takayas Custom Jewelry
Bumblebee Ring from
Bumblebee Ring from

As you can see, many of these designers are very talented and inventive indeed with their use of the imagery and emblems from their audience’s favourite games, movies, and stories. The aesthetics of classical jewellery design seem to combine well with the adapted fantasy themes and graphic art seen in of gamer culture.

Deluxe Tardis Ring by Earth Art Designs
Deluxe Tardis Ring by Earth Art Gems and Jewelry

The most interesting thing I’ve found about this market is how generally receptive customers have proven to be to the use of CAD/CAM in advertising and presenting designs. Perhaps this is related to gamer culture’s being accustomed to looking at computer graphics, or perhaps because so many of these shapes and icons were made for computers in the first place.

Batman Wedding Band by Paul Kleck Designs
Batman Wedding Band by Paul Klecka Designs

All this work with existing characters does make me wonder about how copyright laws apply to these. But from what I’ve been able to see, most of the copyright owners have been relatively lenient on the interpretation of their original ideas into a new medium. I would imagine they might take exception to the direct copying of an officially licensed ring design, but perhaps they’re happy with the icons being reinvented and interpreted in such creative and personal ways. It’s a form of free PR, after all.

I’ve also add this to the Something Beautiful In Jewellery series.


Jack Meyer

Bespoke jewellery designer, and specialist in jewellery CAD/CAM and emergent technologies that affect jewellery.

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