Generative Jewellery Design – Using Rhino, Grasshopper and Generative Algorithms to Experiment with Jewellery Forms

I recently stumbled upon a community dedicated to the use of generative algorithms in 3D modelling for jewellery. In English, that is to say they experiment with the Grasshopper plug-in and Rhino to make entirely new tools which create and control exotic geometry on a design’s surface, allowing for much greater speed with working on complicated and repeating forms.

See for yourself: (video after the break)

This is not a new technology at all, but it is interesting to see how this has evolved over the past few years. It has gone from being the preserve of a few rare designers who were more steeped in mathematics and programming than jewellery design, to becoming widespread enough to warrant its own social network of dedicated users. This is probably thanks in no small part to the tools becoming gradually easier to use over time, and having a larger group of users available to explain to the newcomers.

You can see more images like the ones above at the website. (You might have to log in to see them up close, however.)


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