Ways For Anyone To Design Their Own Jewellery In Front Of A PC

One big side effect of CAD’s introduction to jewellery manufacturing (and changing consumer demand which has followed) has been a proliferation of bespoke design services.

MJSA Custom Jeweller coined the terms “Semi-Bespoke Design” and “Mass Customisation” to describe this type of shopping (the latter being a term the UK market seems to hate). Gemvision Matrix and Stuller even teamed up to produce a piece of software called Countersketch (which we have discussed before), designed to help end users create their own in-store semi-bespoke design terminal (with Stuller being the exclusive manufacturer of all pieces made by the software.)

You have to admit, it is a solid business model. And others are joining them in this push. A London-based UK manufacturer called Stubbs & Co. has produced a semi-bespoke iPad app based upon their catalogue called ConfigureRing.

On the online front, there are also plenty of semi-bespoke services to be found. Mashable.com has made a handy list of several examples of websites where you can design and buy your own jewellery using online tools.

Have a look:



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