Benchpeg’s Amazing List of Studio Jewellery Galleries and Stockists in the UK

It seems with each passing year, I grow to be a bigger and bigger fan of Benchpeg. What started a decade ago as a newsletter for independent professional jewellers and independent studio jewellery galleries has gradually become one of the most useful resources for jobbing jewellers on the internet.

What’s more, they’ve moved with the times. As decades-old independent jewellery galleries have been gradually shutting down  since the 2010s, Benchpeg has responded by gathering their own list of jewellery galleries and stockists still trading in the UK. I couldn’t think of a more helpful resource for independent jewellers looking to get their work stocked in physical jewellery galleries (as opposed to online jewellery galleries).

So, in an effort to support what they’re doing (and help my own readers and students to find their markets), I’m sharing their link here:

Studio Jewellery Galleries and Boutiques –


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