Something Beautiful in Jewellery – Wallace Chan

For this month’s Something Beautiful in Jewellery feature, I present the technical and visual wonder that is Wallace Chan.

You know you’re a top-tier investment jewellery designer when you don’t even have to bother making your own PR any more, but rather simply allow major news networks to create articles spreading your legend. So it is the case with Wallace Chan. This Chinese born sculptor invented his own methods for intaglio carving into precious stones as well as setting titanium(!).

Combined with his unmatched understanding of anodised titanium and flair for fantasy sculpture, his work never fails to look utterly out of this world.

"Now and Always" Necklace by Wallace Chan

More images and a video link after the break.

"Dead But Sentient" by Wallace Chan Wallace Chan himself with his work Wallace Chan's famous cricket brooch
Also, the BBC recently published a short video on Wallace Chan here:

BBC Article – Carving humans into precious stone – Wallace Chan


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