Basic Gemvision MatrixThe following video tutorials are meant to supplement the standard notes from the Matrix classes, whether the DJP level 3 Diploma’s Matrix units, or the Level 3 Jewellery CAD Certificate course.

In some cases, the video tutorials may have been made in an earlier version of Matrix, or may be demonstrated on a different model. If this is the case, don’t worry– all steps have been confirmed to work in the same way in the latest version of the software or on any other test model.

All tutorials below are listed in the chronological order they appear in the DJP Level 3 Course Notes. Holts Academy’s Level 3 Jewellery CAD Certificate also features them in a similar order.

If a link isn’t activated, this means this tutorial hasn’t been uploaded yet:

  1. Intro to Matrix’ User Interface
  2. Creating Curves*
  3. Placing a Background Bitmap*
  4. O-Snaps Basics*
  5. The Trim Command*
  6. The Split Command*
  7. Making a Simple Ring*
  8. Matrix History*
  9. Creating an Open Shank Ring With 1 Rail Sweep*
  10. Booleans
  11. The Revolve and Rail Revolve Commands
  12. The 1 Rail Sweep (With and Without History)*
  13. Using the Head Builder*
  14. Comparing 1 Rail and 2 Rail Sweep
  15. The 2 Rail Sweep With History Command*
  16. Gumball and Match Attributes on Gems
  17. Match Attributes Command*
  18. Gem On Curve Command*
  19. Making a Ring with Tapered Channels, Gem Cutters, and the Quad Flip*
  20. UDT (Universal Deformation Tools)
  21. Making Chains
  22. The Loft Command
  23. Working with Surfaces
  24. Bombay Ring and Pave Suite
  25. Making Custom Ring Rails with Edit Points and Rebuild
  26. Meshing and Exporting Models to .STL For Rapid Prototyping

Any videos above with a * beside them are copyright Gemvision Inc. All other videos listed above are copyright Jack Meyer, and were made for Holts Academy.