ProtoLabs Offers Torus – Free Product Design Reference for 3D Designers
6 September, 2016

ProtoLabs has created a handy physical reference piece for 3D product designers. They call it the Torus, and it's available as a free limited time giveaway.

Lockheed Martin Files Patent For Synthetic Diamond 3D Printer
23 August, 2016

According to a recent article from 3D Printing Industry, Lockheed Martin has just filed a patent for a synthetic diamond 3D printer. And predictably, social media’s imagination

Shapeways Article – Three Ways Handmade Jewellers Can Use 3D Printing
8 April, 2016

Shapeways has published a simple but useful article outlining three common ways in which a traditional hand making jeweller could take advantage of 3D printing.

Shapeways Blog Article – Wearable Tech Accessories Which Look Like Jewellery
19 January, 2016

Not too long ago, Shapeways released a list of CAD/CAM made accessories produced by their designers containing technology which were designed to look like jewellery. It provides another nice example of how wearable technology is increasingly being designed like jewellery rather than sports accessories.

Toolfarm Article – Pixologic is Collaborating With Formlabs To Create a 3D Printing Plug-in
11 January, 2016

Pixologic (makers of Zbrush) recently announced a collaboration with the 3D printer manufacturers Formlabs to make a new enhanced 3D printing plug-in for Zbrush. The plug-in would allow users to take a model from within Zbrush and more quickly and efficiently export it directly into Formlabs' Preform software to start the 3D printing process more quickly and easily. They're even talking about a "One Click Print" tool.

TCT Lecture – 3D Printing and the Potential For Creativity
9 November, 2015

At the recent autumn 2015 TCT 3D Printing Exhibition, product artist Lionel T. Dean of Future Factories gave an interesting lecture on 3D printing as an enabler

Prosthetic Limbs and 3D Printing – A short history, and Why CAD Jewellers Should Take Notice
15 September, 2015

Of all the industries revolutionised by 3D printing, perhaps none has been more improved than prosthetic limb design. These are my reasons why jewellery CAD designers should take notice.

Something Beautiful in Jewellery and Crafts – Hybrid Craft Gallery at SIGGRAPH 2015
7 September, 2015

For today’s Something Beautiful in Jewellery and Crafts, I present a fantastic exhibition featured at this year’s SIGGRAPH 2015 conference in Los Angeles. The gallery (entitled “Hybrid

Win a 3D Print of Your Piece in the i.Materialise and RhinoGold’s Jewellery 3D Printing Design Challenge
19 August, 2015

Recently our friends at i.Materialise launched another one of their great design challenges. This one, however, is for jewellery and is sponsored by RhinoGold, so it’s definitely

TCT Magazine Article – How To Build a 3D Printing Bureau
17 July, 2015

Recently TCT Magazine spoke to their readership to ask them what it takes to build a successful 3D printing service bureau for any focus or industry (including jewellery).