Something Beautiful in Jewellery – Celtic3d
30 August, 2016

For the latest edition of Something Beautiful in Jewellery, I would like to present something different– a 3D CAD keychain designer. Working out of Aberdeen, Scotland, Gavin Bain

Shapeways Article – Three Ways Handmade Jewellers Can Use 3D Printing
8 April, 2016

Shapeways has published a simple but useful article outlining three common ways in which a traditional hand making jeweller could take advantage of 3D printing.

Something Beautiful in Jewellery – Jo Hayes Ward and Bathsheba Grossman
20 March, 2016

For the latest instalment of Something Beautiful in Jewellery, I'm presenting two pioneers of 3D printed contemporary art jewellery design-- Jo Hayes-Ward and Bathsheba Grossman

The Jewellery Editor Article – Revolutionising Jewellery Design With 3D Printing
8 March, 2016

The Jewellery Editor has interviewed several big luxury manufacturing brands to see what they have to say on the subject of CAD and 3D printing.

Shapeways Blog Article – Wearable Tech Accessories Which Look Like Jewellery
19 January, 2016

Not too long ago, Shapeways released a list of CAD/CAM made accessories produced by their designers containing technology which were designed to look like jewellery. It provides another nice example of how wearable technology is increasingly being designed like jewellery rather than sports accessories.

Something Beautiful in Jewellery – Lynn Ban Jewelry
20 November, 2015

For the latest Something Beautiful in Jewellery entry, I present Lynn Ban. Combining hand fabrication techniques seamlessly with laser engraving and CAD (and, like any true lady, never

A Personal Bespoke Design Story Using 3Design CAD
29 October, 2015

Recently David Law posted on his Linkedin Pulse blog a nice case study of using 3Design CAD to develop a personal bespoke design for a customer’s perfect proposal. What’s

Iconery – A New Combination of CAD/CAM Manufacturing and Online Retail
6 October, 2015

Considering we’ve seen quite a few business models already which offer jewellery designers and CAD modellers a place to sell and promote their goods (including e-lancing, 3D

Geek Culture Wedding Rings – The Trend in CAD Made Wedding Rings Inspired by Movie and Gamer Culture
23 September, 2015

You don’t have to look very far on the Internet to see how Geek Culture has started to become a very large and visible subculture. By all

Something Beautiful in Jewellery and Crafts – Hybrid Craft Gallery at SIGGRAPH 2015
7 September, 2015

For today’s Something Beautiful in Jewellery and Crafts, I present a fantastic exhibition featured at this year’s SIGGRAPH 2015 conference in Los Angeles. The gallery (entitled “Hybrid