Economist Article – The Moving Finger Moves On – Advances in Touch Screen User Interfaces
15 February, 2016

The Economist has recently released an excellent technology research piece on recent innovations in touch screen technology.

Jewellery as a Projection Mapping Onto the Body?
8 February, 2016

With recent advances in body projection and motion tracking, it seems several designers and developers are revisiting the idea of projecting jewellery and accessories as light onto the body. Only this time, they've added a whole new level of functionality.

Jewellery Focus Article – Analysis: New Business Opportunities for Designer Makers
30 December, 2015

The second in my series of articles for Jewellery Focus has just been released online. This new article focuses on the business opportunities now available which can help jewellery designer makers reach new audiences and expand their businesses.

Exciting New Applications For Wearable Technology and Smart Jewellery
25 November, 2015

It seems we have recently started seeing a big momentum change in the fields of wearable tech and smart clothing. Recent innovations in embedded RFID technology (as I

Prosthetic Limbs and 3D Printing – A short history, and Why CAD Jewellers Should Take Notice
15 September, 2015

Of all the industries revolutionised by 3D printing, perhaps none has been more improved than prosthetic limb design. These are my reasons why jewellery CAD designers should take notice.

A Credit Card On Your Wrist, a Debit Card On Your Keychain – Barclaycard’s bPay Wearable Technology
27 July, 2015

Recently Barclaycard announced it’s latest foray into RFID-based contactless payment technology, with the Barclaycard bPay system. By embedding the touch pay system from their credit cards into wristbands,

Something Beautiful in Jewellery/Accessories – Zaha Hadid and Other Architects Design Shoes for United Nude
16 June, 2015

It seems 3D printing has been fully embraced by couture shoe designers now. Dutch-British shoe designers United Nude have invited five world-class architects to design some incredible

Jewellery Focus Soapbox Article – Here’s What CAD Has Already Done To the Jewellery Industry
8 June, 2015

Back in March, I wrote a short piece for Jewellery Focus‘ Soapbox column. It was drafted in response to a previous article they had written about how

Introducing Cadfolio – A New Production Management Website for CAD Jewellery Businesses
1 May, 2015

For those who have been following this blog for a while, you’ll know I’ve been quite keen on following the changes happening with the way CAD and

Making Bespoke Toys with Hasbro, Mattel and 3D Printing
22 April, 2015

Given the speed at which 3D printers have been improving in the past few years, I knew it was only a matter of time before 3D printed toys reached