Prosthetic Limbs 3D Printed For a Dog
17 December, 2014

As a little bit of Christmas compassion just in time for the holidays, I present a story currently making the rounds about Derby, a Husky mix born

i.materialise’s Periodic Table of 3D Printed Materials
1 December, 2014

This came up in class today, so I thought it would be useful to share with everyone. i.materialise has published their own handy guide to 3D printed

I.Materialise Article – An Introduction to 3D Printing For Metal
21 August, 2014

Today we have a special guest blogger — i.materialise’s Community Manager Roxy Maas will be giving us a basic overview of how gold, silver, brass and titanium

Frequently Asked Questions 9 – Which are the Most Commonly Used 3D Printers for Jewellery?
14 August, 2014

(3D printers for jewellery list last updated 1 Nov 2019) (This article is one of my series of Frequently Asked Questions posts. See the rest of the FAQ

Featured Designer Article about Jack Meyer and Holts Academy on the I.Materialise blog.
13 August, 2014

It seems I’ve been chosen to be a featured designer for the i.materialise blog! Have a look, it’s a lovely interview. I.Materialise Blog – Jack Meyer Tells

Video of Watch Being Made Using CNC Milling
22 July, 2014

I’ve been looking for a good video showing how CNC milling works in watch making for ages, and at long last I’ve found one. Nomos-Glashuette have kindly provided a

3Ders article – Comparison of 4 CAD Model Checking Tools for 3D Printing Preparation
16 July, 2014 has published a handy article wherein the 3D printing company RedProto compares four different methods for checking CAD models to prepare them for 3D printing and rapid prototyping.

What Would Hybrid (Combined Additive and Subtractive) Prototyping Look Like?
26 June, 2014

I recently discovered a new video today which shows a relatively recent Hybrid Prototyping metal sintering machine in action. It’s fascinating to watch:   The machine you’re

Guardian Article – 30 Things Being 3D Printed Right Now
12 June, 2014

It’s an old article, but it’s still fun to see what’s out there. The Guardian’s technology section has assembled a pretty respectable list showcasing the weird and wonderful variety

Economist Article – Dutch Company Pioneers 3D Printing of Optical Glass For Eyewear
10 June, 2014

In a recent article from the Economist’s Technology Quarterly, we learned that Dutch materials research company LuxExcel is developing a the process and materials for 3D printing acrylic of usable