Shapeways Blog Article – Wearable Tech Accessories Which Look Like Jewellery
19 January, 2016

Not too long ago, Shapeways released a list of CAD/CAM made accessories produced by their designers containing technology which were designed to look like jewellery. It provides another nice example of how wearable technology is increasingly being designed like jewellery rather than sports accessories.

CNC Cookbook’s 10 Things Beginning CNC Mill Users Need
7 January, 2016

The nice people at the CNC Cookbook blog have put together a valuable article of good starting up tips for new users of CNC mills. Many of these

Jewellery Focus Article – Analysis: New Business Opportunities for Designer Makers
30 December, 2015

The second in my series of articles for Jewellery Focus has just been released online. This new article focuses on the business opportunities now available which can help jewellery designer makers reach new audiences and expand their businesses.

3 Online Jewellery Shops For Jewellery CAD Designer-Makers
9 December, 2015

Just in time for holiday shopping, I've gathered here three very different online businesses I haven't mentioned before but definitely deserve more attention from jewellery CAD designers.

Jewellery Focus Article – How is Designer Maker Jewellery Sold Now?
13 October, 2015

Not too long ago I wrote a series of research articles for Jewellery Focus on the changing face of the jewellery industry. The first of the series

Iconery – A New Combination of CAD/CAM Manufacturing and Online Retail
6 October, 2015

Considering we’ve seen quite a few business models already which offer jewellery designers and CAD modellers a place to sell and promote their goods (including e-lancing, 3D

Shapeways Article – Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights and Protections
3 September, 2015

As August is normally a slow news month for most manufacturers, this seems to be the time when bloggers and journalists are forced to get creative with content

Win a 3D Print of Your Piece in the i.Materialise and RhinoGold’s Jewellery 3D Printing Design Challenge
19 August, 2015

Recently our friends at i.Materialise launched another one of their great design challenges. This one, however, is for jewellery and is sponsored by RhinoGold, so it’s definitely

Something Beautiful in Jewellery – LoveGold
18 August, 2015

(Update: LoveGold seems to have taken down their e-commerce site entirely and replaced it with a series of social media accounts.) For the latest instalment of Something Beautiful

Financial Times Article – Where to Buy Jewellery Online
9 July, 2015

It seems I’m not the only one noticing the changing trends in how jewellery is bought online. In the latest issue of London Financial Times’ How To Spend It