Lockheed Martin Files Patent For Synthetic Diamond 3D Printer
23 August, 2016

According to a recent article from 3D Printing Industry, Lockheed Martin has just filed a patent for a synthetic diamond 3D printer. And predictably, social media’s imagination

3DPrinting.com Article – MakerBot Announces Iron, Wood, and Limestone 3D Printing Filaments
9 January, 2015

3DPrinting.com has published an article discussing how MakerBot is currently formulating effective 3D printing materials to simulate both iron, wood, limestone, and bronze. See for yourself: 3DPrinting.com

i.materialise’s Periodic Table of 3D Printed Materials
1 December, 2014

This came up in class today, so I thought it would be useful to share with everyone. i.materialise has published their own handy guide to 3D printed

3D Printing and Fashion – New Applications Driving New Innovations
14 July, 2014

It seems the wait is over for purchasing accessories from businesses focused entirely on 3D printed collections. The limitations of the materials are proving no obstacle to the